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Tributes -
Gone but NOT Forgotten

Tribute to those who started it all: History of Hypnosis
A Tribute to                                         J. A. "Mac" McMurtrey (1999)
A Tribute to Sol Lewis (2001)                 
A Tribute to Marc Wolff (2001)                        
A Tribute to Bryan Foley (2001)
"On the works of Chaplain Paul Durbin &  Dr. Milton Erickson"
A Tribute to Ernest Hilgard (2001)
A Tribute to Milton Erickson  (1980)
A Tribute to Arthur Winkler (1998)
A Tribute to Charles Tebbets      (1992)
A Tribute to R. D. "Sean" Longacre: (1999)
A Tribute to David Cheek (1992) and Leslie LeCron (1972)
A Tribute to William S. Kroger (1995)
A Tribute to Frank Caprio (1992)
A Tribute to Dave Elman (1962)
A Tribute to William J. Bryan, Jr. (1977)
A Tribute to Harry Arons (1997)
A Tribute to Gaspare "Buddy" Birbiglia (1997)
A Tribute to S. J. Van Pelt (1976)
A Tribute to Garland Fross (1992)
A Tribute to John Kappas (2002)
A Tribute to Irene Hickman (2002)

Guest Articles

Kissing Frogs: The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy
Self Hypnosis 
Outline & Seminar
Stop Smoking Protocol
Cindy's Birthing Story
Initial Hypnosis Session
Hypnosis for Childbirth Protocol
Visualization and  Imagery for health and happiness
Pain Management and Enhancing Healing Protocol
Cancer Six Session Protocol
Pre-Post Surgery Two Session Protocol
Cindy Thompson Interviews Chaplain Durbin
  More Tributes -
Gone but NOT Forgotten
A Tribute to Maurice Kouguell (April 15, 2008) "Dealing with Resistance"
Obituaries of People who have Contributed to Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
A Tribute to Carl Carpenter (2220)
A Tribute to Michael D. Preston (2008)
A Tribute to Horace Simmons (1946-2009)
A Tribute to Janet Macy (2007)
A Tribute to Casey Chua (1950-2009)
A Tribute to Hebert Spiegel (1914-209)
A Tribute to Vikki Ashley (1933-2009)
A Tribute to Charlene Ackerman (2009)
A Tribute to Gil Boyne (1924-2010)
A Tribute to Henry Leo Bolduc (2011)
Abbe Faria (1746-1819) Articles
A Tribute Bernel Sanders (2011)
DISCLAIMER: (The appearance these articles does not mean that I agree with everything in the article.  It does mean that there is much that I have found helpful. I hope you will find them helpful also.  Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.)
Conrad Adams
Imagery: How Can You Develop It?
Conrad Adams Hypnosis Helps Heart Surgery
Michael Gersham
The Other Erikson
Bonnie Moret
The Power of the Subconscious Mind 
Marx Howell       Forensic Hypnosis vs. Therapeutic Hypnosis
Ron Stubbs
Hypnosis with Children 
Genrich L. Krasko  Frankl vs. Freud                     (Viktor Frankl: Chapter 13)
C. Sybil Waldrop 
Getting Good at Being You
Renee Sakr                   What is Hypno-anlysis?
Robert Otto       Conducting a Group Session
Fred Wollerman                       The Goede
Trevor Sylvester        Regression and the Butterfly Effect
Bryan Knight                   On the Practice of Hypothrapy
Rabbi William Blank           Rabbi as Hypnotist                   
Rev. Dr. Preston Kinser III Hypnosis and Pastoral hypnotherapy
Bobby Bodenhamer and  Michael Hall: Can a Christian Counselor Use Hypnosis
Albert Bottari                   Healing Attitude 
Albert Bottari    Humor in Healing
Albert Bottari   Drawings for Patient Outcome
Terence Watts False Memory or False Belief                    
Del Morrell: Fear of Flying
Paul Gusstafson: Flying Freedom
Zoilita Grant: Hypnosis: Key to Your Mind and Health
Bernel Sander:  Treating  Addiction Though Hypnotherapy
Melvin Powers: Alive and well
Michael Lips: A Case of Child Abuse
W. Leo Peacock: Religious hypnosis and personal control
Daniel Zelling: Kissing Frogs and Other Things


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