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Ambrose-Auguste Liebeault 1889
Hippolte Bernheim: Suggestive Therapeutics 1886
Emile Coue`1857-1925 The Prophet of Autosuggestion
Tawney's Techniques of Hypnosis 1954
James Braid (1975 - 1860) Hypnosis or Monoideism
Rev Joseph Wittkofski (1961): Hypnosis in Pastoral Ministry 
E. L. Crump (1951): Hypnosis and Religion
Max Alexanderoff (60s or 70s) Medical Hypnosis
C. E. Cooke & A. E. Van Vogt: Constipation

Guest Articles

Kissing Frogs: The Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy
Ann Spencer Interviews Chaplain Durbin for "Subconsciously Speaking"
"Releasing Fear and Anxiety"  
"Forgiving and Forgiveness"
"Releasing  the Past"
"Introducing Hypnosis to our Congregations and Communities
"A Time to be Active, A Time to be Still"
"Chose Whom  You Will Serve"
"Hypnosis: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow"
"Hypnosis With Children: Ned's Case History
"Miscellaneous Information"
"Prayer Therapy"
"Suggestibility, imagery and Healing Stories"
"Age Regression"
"Guidelines, Rules of the Mind, etc." 
"Weight Control"
"Kissing Frogs: Dedication, Forward..."
"Insurance reimbursement form"
"Improving Study Habits, Memory and Concentration"
"Conclusion to Kissing Frogs: Practical Uses of Hypnotherapy"
"Releasing Anger and Resentment"
DISCLAIMER: (The appearance these articles does not mean that I agree with everything in the article.  It does mean that there is much that I have found helpful. I hope you will find them helpful also.  Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.)
George Anderhaggen: Clergy Uses Hypnosis as counseling tool
Larry Farrugia: Visualization and Creative Imagery
Al Tatarunis: A Biblical Approach to Stress Management 
Randal Churchill: Direct vs. Indirect Suggestion
Leonard Fouche, MD: Clergy and Physician 
Louis Bauer: What is Hypnosis
Nancy Wheeler: The Winning Edge in Sports
Christa Hall-Sanford: South Africa Hypnotherapist
Kim Manning: Insomnia 
David Kato: Pain 
Hypnotize This: Information on book edited by Zali Segal
Steven Brodsky: Hypnotherapy: Tapping Inner Resources to Overcome Problem Drinking and Smoking: 
Genrich Kasko:  Training or Education: Based on Frank's Principles
Mark Babineaux: One, Two, Three, Phobia Free
Bonnie Miller named Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy: MHSF and Miller Articles
John Krukowski: Hypnotherapy in Medicine: Presentation Sponsored by Thailand Ministry of Public Health
Gerard Sunner: Hypnosis and Anxiety
Eleanor Laser: Selections from Hypnosis in Radiology
Elvira Lang: Non-Pharmacological Analgesia

Rebuttals To Those Who Would Limit Hypnosis To A Limited few

Jon Rhodes: Change a Habit in 28 Days

James Gordon: Unstuck: Journey out of Depression
Clare Edwards: Excerpts from writings: "Inspiring Quotes... Stories and Metaphors in Business and Life."

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