Visualization and Creative Imagery

Larry M. Farrugia, Ph.D


Did you know that you could create your own future? How do you feel about being the master of your destiny? You can be, and much sooner than you would ever imagine. With the use of Self Hypnosis you can incorporate the powers of your subconscious mind to help chart your future. Using Self Hypnosis is actually a lot of fun and very relaxing. When you are not uptight, you can think more clearly about what it is that fills you with passion for living.

Who can use Self Hypnosis: All of us know the feeling of being in a state of hypnosis in one form or another. Lost in a peaceful daydream or totally engrossed in a book to the point of losing the sense of what is going on around you. Have you ever been driving your car and all of a sudden, have a sense of waking up and wondering how you got where you are? Perhaps not remembering making a turn? These are all stages of trance. None of these have ever hurt you. In fact you would probably agree that they are pleasant experiences and a nice break from reality.

By learning to use Self Hypnosis you can begin to reprogram yourself to achieve success in all areas of your life. Don't dwell on what is, but imagine what will be. Memories which we all have are tucked neatly away in our subconscious minds. The mind processes information into pictures not words. For instance, if I say, "what ever you do don't think about a blue mouse", do not think about a blue mouse, immediately a picture of a blue mouse comes to your mind doesn't it? Did you see a blue mouse? Of course you saw a blue mouse!

If someone says "I have a pink elephant in my closet" you can imagine and visualize this scenario with great clarity. One: because you have a memory of a closet size. Two: you have a memory of the color pink, and Three: you have a clear memory of an elephant. As you can see, you do have the capacity and ability to use "visualization and imagery" to some extent without difficulty.

The best thing about Visualizations and Creative Imagery is that the more you use them, the easier it becomes. In a short time, the images that you visualize will become much clearer and have much more detail. Take a few moments and make yourself a list. For now, number the list from 1 to 5. Next to each number write in (prioritizing in importance to you) what changes you want in your life. It doesn 't matter what they are as long as you write something down to begin to work with. It could be a new career, a new automobile, having the money for that much needed vacation. Just write down whatever you want.

To give you an example of how creative imagery works, lets say I want a new car. This is how I would go about using imagery to obtaining the car of my choice. First I would make myself comfortable. Then I would close my

eyes and take a few deep breaths. I allow myself to relax emptying my mind of clutter and slowing down my consciousness. Once fully relaxed, I concentrate on the car I want. My mind has memories of new and used car lots so I begin to fantasize that I am at the dealership. I visualize the car of my dreams and its image becomes clearer in my super conscious mind. I visualize an image clear and detailed in every way. I get all of my senses involved. I picture myself setting in the car.

I feel the luxury of the interior. I smell the leather as I sink back into the driver seat. I hear the quiet idling of the car as I start the engine. As I enjoy the test drive in my mind, I imagine that the money I need, will come to me through the powers of the universe. As I return to the dealership, I imagine a courteous sales person who wants and needs to sell the car and is willing to be flexible and accommodating to my needs. I imagine all the documents being quickly and efficiently prepared. Lastly, I imagine that I am driving off the lot in my new car and heading to pick up some friends and enjoy an afternoon in the car of my dreams. All those images and visualizations have been accepted by my subconscious mind. The most important job my subconscious mind has is to give me what I want. Through its programming it will search and find the best ways and things to do to make the new car become a reality. Your subconscious mind is non critical, it simply accepts positive suggestions and emotions and then works diligently to manifest them.

In a case where we want better health, we only need to begin to imagine it, for it to become our reality. By imagining that we are becoming healthier every day and that our immune system is running in peak condition, we can then imagine that a warm flush of blood to a wounded area of the body would inevitability decrease healing time. We can visualize and imagine broken bones being mended and our subconscious and conscious minds would agree on the healing, and healing would be accomplished in the mind first, and then in the physical.

Through the use of visualizations and creative imagery you can change your life and the lives of those around you. If you incorporate self-hypnosis you will be able t enter a controlled level of trance. It is in this trance state that the subconscious mind becomes hyper-suggestive. During this state profound changes in human attitudes can be firmly established for your personal well-being. Dependencies can be broken and fears and phobias can be released, providing balance of mind, body, spirit and emotions.

It is best to do your imagery work when you first wake and are not yet fully conscious and aware. In the evening before falling asleep is also a good time. And while the are the best times of the day, you will find that a controlled daydream (visualization/imagery) is well worth it anytime of day. And yes, you can learn to program your thoughts, responses and even your dreams by using the "Powers. of Your Sub Conscious Mind. "

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