1. ANNE SPENCER’S TRIBUTE TO DR. IRENE HICKMAN: I (Paul Durbin) received the following message from Anne Spencer Director of International Medical and Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA): "Irene Hickman, DO, past President of the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association (tm) and the author of the famed book Mind Probe - Hypnosis died on November 5, 2002. Hundreds of thousands of persons have been helped to heal because of this great woman and her abilities as a physician and a Hypnotherapist. We will miss her straight forward and sage counsel. Irene was a personal friend of mine and a role model for all. She was a pioneer when women were thought to be nothing more than a homemaker. We wish her well on her journey and know that she will be back in many forms as time continues. After all she said she had so much to do that it would take at least eight more lifetimes to accomplish all of it. Her work in Remote Depossession began a new field of study for her students to now carry forward. Thank you Irene for having been in our life - we love and appreciate all you have done and all you will do now that you have gone. God Bless you and yours."

2. CHAPLAIN PAUL G. DURBIN’S TRIBUTE TO DR. IRENE HICKMAN: Dr. Hickman was a Doctor of Osteopathy. She was trained as an Osteopathic Physician in all of the modalities of the allopathic, or M.D., schools, but also something more. The basic philosophy is that the human body is a unit and operates as a whole organism. She expected to be able to help her patients resolve their health problems with the therapies taught her in medical school. It soon became clear that only a few could be so helped. The majority of patients who came to her continued to be ill, tense, worried or unhappy in spite of her best efforts. She acquired training in hypnosis and began using this tool with selected patients. Many who had failed to respond to former treatments now became well.

Dr. Hickman and I had many discussions on Past Life Therapy. We had very different options on the subject of Past Life Therapy, but it never affected our friendship and respect for each other. In fact, I wrote a review to a manuscript titled "The Lucifer Diary" which she was planning to have published. The last time I talked with her about book, it had not been published. Dr. Hickman and I came to this agreement. If God determined that we would have many lives, it would be true whither I believed in it or not. If God determined that we have but one life to live on this planet and the go to our eternal life, it would true wither Dr. Hickman believed it or not. It is as God wills.

I do not use past-life regression in my practice of hypnotherapy. As I do not personally believe in reincarnation, I have an explanation for the experience that satisfies me. I interpret Carl Jung's "Collective Unconscious" as memory passed on to us by our heritage and is held in our subconscious mind. Within a person's subconscious mind is a history of his/her ancestors to include their experiences and emotions. This may or may not be what Jung meant, but it is my interpretation and Jung is not here to tell me that I am wrong. In past-life regression, a person under hypnosis may relive an experience or memory from one of his/her ancestors which is stored in the client's subconscious mind. I made this statement at a seminar and a man challenged me by telling the story of a girl who was afraid of any animal with fur. He said he regressed her to a past life where she was killed by a bear at age three. He said that she had no ancestors so that disproved my theory. I responded, "You are absolutely correct in stating that she had no ancestors, but she had significant others; mother, father, other family members, community members who may have been traumatized by the event and so it would be a part of their memory whether or not they actually experienced it." One could also have seen such an occurrence in a movie, read about in a book or been told of such an event and been frightened by the thought which locked it into their memory, even though no such event occurred. I believe this is also true of age regression for this life experience so be aware that all memories are not true memories.

3. CHAPLAIN DURBIN’S "FOREWORD" TO DR. IRENE HICKMAN’S UNPUBLISHED BOOK: "THE LUCIFER DAIRY": While talking with Dr. Irene Hickman in California at the American Board of Hypnotherapy Conference in 1999, Dr. Hickman asked me, "Who created evil?" I thought for a moment as I watched her hands working at making a rosary and responded, "My answer may/may no stand up before a committee of theological scholars, but this is my answer, I believe the possibility of evil originated with God. When God created human beings, he wanted beings who could respond to him out of free will. God is great enough to run the risk of evil. He gave humans the ability to think and choose. God wanted creatures with whom he could have mutual fellowship and love. He did not create us to be puppets. We humans are not puppets on a string. One can love a puppet, but the puppet can not love back. "

Dr. Hickman followed with another question. "Is there an evil force?" I responded, "Yes, I believe in a evil force which we call "Satan", "Lucifer", "The Devil" or "The Evil Force."

Following these questions, Dr. Hickman told me that she was writing a book titled, "The Lucifer Daily." The story line is that when God decided to allow free will for humans, Lucifer protested and maintained that this decision would lead to the defeat of God. Lucifer sets out to make sure that his prediction of God's doom would be realized. It is interesting to note how similar Dr. Hickman's story-plot is to my answer to her original question, "Who created evil?"

On the last day of the conference, Dr. Hickman asked me to read her manuscript and write the "Foreword" for it. Dr. Hickman took a risk because she knew that I do not believe in reincarnation which is referred to a number of times throughout the book. I don't intend to take a stand on that issue because God has already chosen what course we humans take at death. I left the issue of reincarnation up to God and enjoyed the book and appreciated it's message.

Dr. Hickman has a keen insight into the origin and power of evil and the "evil one". She gives special attention to God, who Lucifer can only call, "The One" as the creator and source of good. She testifies to the important place of Jesus, who Lucifer would only call "The Nazarene",

The book is an excellently written, very interesting book and shows that Dr. Hickman has great insight concerning the source and strength of evil in the world as we know it. The book reminds me of the "Screwtape Letters" written by C. S. Lewis, who she mentions in the book. Some of you may remember that the "Screwtape Letters" which was first published in 1941 contained a number of letters written by Screwtape, an elder demon, to his nephew, a junior demon. Dr Hickman takes a different approach as she has Lucifer writing a dairy of his efforts to use human freewill to defeat God. (2002 Durbin addition: Lucifer has much success, but in the end, he shall be defeat and God will triumph for God’s love is great than Lucifer’s ability to create evil.)

4.  "THE COMPLETE HYPNOTHERAPIST"  BY DR. HICKMAN: (Selections form an article from "Hypnogenesis".)

Dr. Hickman receives IMDHA Diplomat Award from Anne Spencer

Summary: This paper is an overview of the various ways hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be utilized for the benefit of those who seek assistance in dealing with problematic aspects of their lives.

Introduction: There are four distinct, but somewhat overlapping areas that I use in hypnotherapy. It is my opinion, based on nearly forty-nine years of both research and therapy using several hypnotherapeutic procedures, that all four are of importance.


1. Directive Hypnotherapy: Most of us begin in hypnosis and hypnotherapy by learning first how to induce the hypnotic state, how to recognize the degree of relaxation, how to give direct and post-hypnotic suggestions and how to return our subject to full waking consciousness. This is a very important and ideal starting place. Direct suggestions have been useful in pain control, habit change, sports performance, confidence, increased learning and in many other areas.

2. Non-Directive Hypnotherapy: For me, direct suggestion was never enough. My intense curiosity led me to explore the mind to find its potential. I did this exploring by asking questions of the hypnotized subjects. It soon became obvious that somewhere within us is a source of greater wisdom then we ordinarily have access to. I chose to call this source the "Inner Wisdom." Before long came to use this non-directive technique almost exclusively. This is a bit risky, as there is no way of determining what the answers will be beforehand. This uncertainty requires a high level of flexibility on the part of the hypnotherapist. Answers cannot be anticipated with any degree of certainty. When hypnotized subjects are asked to go back in time and find the origin of a problem, the distance they travel can be a surprise. Some will find the cause of a problem or illness in a current traumatic experience or one in childhood, or they may report finding it in a distant past time long before the birth of the present body.

3. Regression of Past Life Therapy: Without some understanding of our true nature (the fact that we are eternal and have had earlier lives) and that events from earlier lives do impact on our present life, we will be completely lost when one of our hypnotized subjects reports this sort of information. It has proven to be very helpful to trace problem areas to their origin and release the emotion attached to the earlier event or events. One of the surprising developments having to do with past-life therapy is the consistency between the reports of one subject as compared with the reports of others. Whereas the waking belief systems my be very diverse, under hypnosis there is unanimity that is quite remarkable. I marvel that in the many years of my personal involvement in hypnotherapy, all of he information unearthed using regression techniques has been generally compatible, from one patient to another. Symptoms and problems that respond to suggestion can be quite different from those that respond to regression techniques. In my experience allergies to foods, animals or in one case an extreme allergy to cold water, relationship problems with relatives or associates, digestive, respiratory, circulatory conditions and various fears and phobias responded to non-directive hypnotherapy when more conventional treatment had been ineffective. Some problems have been alleviated in one session using regression therapy but the average is about four sessions for most conditions. There are some cases that do not respond to any of the above methods. For these we need to use----

4. Spirit Releasement or Depossession: (For the reminder of this article go to http://www.hypnos.co.uk/hypnomag/hickman.htm  )