(Picture) The late J. A. "Mac" McMurtrey and Sol Lewis 


[1988, I first met Sol Lewis at a hypnotherapy convention in California. I attended a seminar which he led and talked just a few minutes with him on another occasion. When I got to Orange County, John Wayne Airport to return to New Orleans,  I set down by Sol who was waiting for a flight back to Michigan.   We began to talk. He was an expert in "past life regression".  We talked about the concept for a short time and I told him that I did not do past life regression and gave him my option, without being judgmental about his view.  We developed a friendship which lasted through the years. His accounts of his experience as a prisoner of war in World War II were always inspiring to me. He trained many hypnotherapist and influenced many more with his classes, writings,  audio and video tapes so with what he left behind, we can still learn from him.  He was the first one to write congratulating me on being inducted into the International Hypnosis of Fame in 1992.  After signing the letter, he put this P.S. "If we have met in a former life, the first finger of your right hand will began to rise."  Well, I don't recall any past lives, but I certainly hope to meet him in a future life in the great beyond. I am glad to have had Sol Lewis for a friend. Sol died on November 28, 2001 which was his 83rd birthday. Chaplain Paul G. Durbin.]


Sol Lewis fought with the Army in Europe in World War II, was shot and was taken prisoner by the Germans. Held six or so months, he was freed during the Battle of the Bulge. "When he was liberated, he was well less than 100 pounds," his son David said Thursday. "During his recuperation after the war, there was another injured soldier in the bunk next to him, and he overheard the doctor dealing with that soldier and using hypnosis. He talked to the doctor about it . . . "The doctor explained to him the theories and practice of hypnosis, and was basically his first teacher."

In 1958, Mr. Lewis opened the Lewis Hypnosis Center in Oak Park. He died from complications of Alzheimer's disease Wednesday at Providence Hospital in Southfield. He was 83 and lived in Oak Park. In the '70s, he closed his first clinic and opened the Michigan Hypnosis Institute in Southfield. He sold it about five years ago and retired. He had learned hypnosis therapy by studying with others practicing it.

An early member of the Advanced Association of Ethical Hypnosis, he set up a practice that included the standard stop-smoking therapy, then went far beyond that. "He treated more the inner person," his son said. "He would do things that became popular in later years. He went into deep portions of your life to find out where problems lay. "He was a pioneer in prenatal regression and had a theory that you might have lived previous lives. This was nothing theatric. It was strictly therapeutic. "But at the time, it was frowned on by the association, and they asked him to resign.

"Years later, they apologized and placed him in their Hall of Fame." Mr. Lewis' interest in hypnosis led him into metaphysics, parapsychology and extrasensory perception, and he was a cofounder of the Michigan Metaphysical Society.

"He was an international lecturer on those topics," his son said. "He lectured in the United States, Canada, India, Switzerland . . . "He had a number of self-published books, and he appeared quite often on radio and television programs talking about metaphysics." Besides his son, survivors include his wife, Elaine; another son, Roland; a daughter, Dana Littlefield; a sister, and a grandchild. The funeral will be at 4 p.m. today at the Ira Kaufman Chapel, 18325 W. Mile Road, Southfield. Burial will be private. The family suggests memorial donations to the Hospice of Michigan, 400 Mack Ave., Detroit 48201; the Peter and Dorothy Brown Fund, Jewish Vocational Services, 29699 Southfield Road, Southfield 48076, or the Jewish Family Service, 24123 Greenfield Road, Southfield 48075. Contact JEANNE MAY at 810-469-4682or


(Sol Lewis is an instructor with over 40 years of research and clinical hypnosis. An innovator, he introduced past lives as a diagnostic tool over 40 years ago, researched into between lives, as well as the rationale of birth into the three dimensional world. (Durbin: As mentioned in my "Tribute to Sol Lewis", this was an area we respectively disagreed on. Remember when he wrote to congratulate me on my induction to the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame, he put P.S. "If we have met in a former life, the first finger of your right hand will began to rise." He also researched atoms, molecules, cellular structures and how they effect the balance within the physical body. He Is an extremely well received speaker and demonstrator. He received an honorary Ph.D. In clinical hypnotherapy from St. John's University in Louisiana, and was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame in 1991 with the "SEALAH" Pioneer Award. Sol has a sense of humor, a loving personality and is a good all around aware western guru. A session with Sol is everlasting. His essence stays with you. A great story teller, come enjoy this love affair with an advanced teacher of the mind.  Following is an autobiography by Sol Lewis)

THE MAKING OF A HYPNOTIST: Teaching is sharing of ones experience. Of course, only that which has proven successful is given. Students sometimes have their own ideas and will judge the work of others according to their own awareness. Sometimes in a way that they are unable to accept the experiences of others. Some even get extremely negative relating that the information is not scientific enough.

Please understand, I have no fault with anyone's ideas in reference to mine. I never met the person on this planet that has it all together. so, we start together.

In my over 45 years of research using altered states I have found amazing abilities of Mind. Man has dissected cadavers to learn the nature of life. Mind is not found anywhere. It manifests in a 4th dimensional state and has tremendous powers. In reading of Jesus Christ's' healing of many people, he never took the healing as himself He would say "...thy faith has made thee whole." What does that mean? By accepting the reality of change from negative to positive within the Mind the body becomes balanced. Using the mind to effect change by suggestion would proceed something like this: "I am now speaking to the Divine Mind. To bring energy to the area in question, to balance that which is out of balance."

Under the hypnotic state the higher consciousness is available. This is the directive force of energy to alter Atoms, Molecules & Cells to express in balanced states of health. Every cell has its own intelligence. Let us explore this. A fetus, in the womb, has the ability to become an independent body. How? By the intelligence of each cell, atom and molecule to be what it is. For example. an arm, a leg, the color of the skin, teeth, hair, blood cells, bran cells, etc......... I guess you are getting the idea. It has a endocrine system that can create any chemical that manifest in the body. We are, as Homo Sapiens walking drug stores. Excitement creates adrenaline to give the body greater energy. An aged women walking down the street witnesses an accident where a child is pinned under a car. She forget her limitations and through adrenaline, lifts the car and the child is pulled out. This is a common situation. The power of the mind works quickly. ["We are conditioned to respond in a particular way to a particular stimulus." Ivon Pavlov]

I was a P.O.W. (prisoner of war) during W.W.II. An American soldier incarcerated in a German prisoner of war camp. I have two wounds, both of my knees were open. I witnessed a buddy of mine getting a direct hit on his leg and it was shattered I called for the medics and witnessed the hacking off of a dangling bone. I yelled to the medic, "what the hell are you doing ?" He said " I have to get rid of this dangling bone. "I know that, but you didn't anesthetize him". I said. "How do you know?" he replied. "You didn’t shoot him with a needle, he’s my buddy, I called you and watched the whole thing." He said, "I hypnotized him." I said "bull shit. I didn’t see the swinging watch." He laughed and told me he rendered him into a altered state by a pressure point that made my buddy amenable to suggestion "You mean", I said "the pain isn't being transmitted to the him?" The medic looked up at me and said, "Hey that's exactly what is happening, your good, you should get into this." I told him that I would leave right away. We both laughed and within the hour I was wounded myself and captured. It was the Battle of the Bulge. We had to cross the Saor river into a town called Plichied in Luxembourg.

I used the distraction method to overcome the pain. I was reliving my life as a Latin lover with the girls. Played baseball, golf, painting pictures, anything to distract. I was using self-hypnosis. It worked my pain was not registering.

I felt in love with Germany, it is beautiful. As we were being moved from one place to another deeper into German, the civilians would sneak us food not everyone was a Nazi. We finally got to the camp it was in a town called Badorb. Forty-one Kilometers from Frankfort on the Mam. We climbed the hill and found a Russian camp, English camp and American camp all segregated by fences. We lined up in 4 lines and would be called by an officer sitting at four tables to interrogate us. I was called and sat down. He asked for my dog tags which I buried before my capture. I told him that one of his soldiers had taken them from me along with my watch and rings. He bought that. I sat exposing my hands. I was a display man back home. He asked me where I was from. I told him I was from Michigan. He asked me what plant I worked for and I said I was a barber. He looked at my hands and said that they were in need of a barber in camp. He instructed me to go and get in line and pick up a blanket and then to go to Barrack #2. I did and found G.I.’s who had been there for some time. They filled us it.

We are locked up at 6:30 p.m. and fall out at 6:30 am, the next morning for roll call. We give our name to the interrogator. I gave only my last name, Lewis. We would get a tub of hot water in the morning which we used for cleaning. We were infested with lice. We received food once a day at noon, using our helmet liner as a bowl. It was cabbage soup made with the parts they would throw away. It passed quickly through us all because of dysentery. We buried 2 sometimes 3 soldiers a day, most died of malnutrition and other conditions. Being wounded. we didn’t have to go on work details. A Catholic chaplain and a Protestant chaplain conducted services in one of the barracks. I went to both services. as we all did. After the services we held hands in a circle and sang "Come And Get us Georgie Patton". We were 3rd Army soldiers.

I became the M.C. at night. telling jokes and singing songs. No one knew I was a Jew but my "goomba" buddy. We were always referred to by our last names. After the religious services we would go off to meditate and pray. I went up the hill there in camp and sat by myself, the gang was down below. I talked to God. All of a sudden a bright light shone in my head and I was transported to a Passover meal when I was 8 years old my father was conducting the seder. As the youngest of 5 children 4 boys and 1 girl, I would ask the questions. "Why, on this night of all nights, do we have to cat unleavened bread?" My father, with his head covered and a prayer shawl would repeat the answer. "To commemorate our people who were enslaved by the Egyptians and were taken out of bondage by Moses to the promised land. In their haste they didn't have the yeast to add to the dough so it did not rise"

Then I experienced a moment of indescribable sensation.  Mv whole being was changed and illuminated, every fiver of my being vibrated with energy. I heard a voice say to me, "SOLOMON, WHAT IS IT YOU WANT TO KNOW?" I responded with the question, "Why Adolph Hitler?" The reply was, "....AND GOD MADE MAN IN HIS IMAGE." I then saw three men, one I believed to be Moses from pictures and one I felt was Jesus, again from pictures I had seen and the third was undoubtedly, Adolph Hitler. I questioned the voice, "the creator made him and well as the others?" The voice said that God made man in his image. I then asked: "Why man's inhumanity to man?" The voice responded, "OUT OF CHAOS IS BALANCE." What an understatement, I thought. "They are burning the Jews in Dockow, we have been told" "SOLOMON, THERE IS NO DEATH. YOU TAKE THE BODY OFF AS YOU WOULD AN OVERCOAT AND RETURN TO THE SPIRIT. THE BODY THEN RETURNS TO THE ELEMENTS. NO MATTER THE METHOD OF ITS END. YOU SEE SOLOMON. THE BODY IS AN ENCASEMENT FOR THE SPIRIT AND SOUL, IT IS A THOUGHT FORM." "What else should I know?", I inquired. The voice responded "YOU REINCARNATE OVER AND OVER." "That's not the way I have been taught.", I interrupted. "THE WORLDS A STAGE, SOLOMON, AND YOU ARE ONLY AN ACTOR." "I know the line, it's Shakespeare." "BUT SOLOMON, THE NEXT LINE WAS NOT GIVEN TO YOU." "And what is that?" "YOU ARE THE DIRECTOR. YOU HAVE YOUR OWN FINGERPRINTS. YOUR OWN VOICE PRINT, YOU ARE UNIQUELY INDIVIDUAL AND THE SPARK OF THE CREATOR IS WITHIN YOU.’ ''You mean I have had many lives before this life?" "YES, YOU SEE THE EARTH PLANE IS LIKE A SCHOOL. YOU LEARN AND GROW WITH EACH LIFE AND ONE DAY YOU GRADUATE AND NO LONGER HAVE TO COME BACK TO THE EARTH PLANE." "How does one graduate, what is the criteria?" "TO BECOME A CHRIST BEING." "You mean the loving and all that Was taught by the Avatar?" "YES, REMEMBER, HE SAID ALL THE THINGS I DO SO ALSO SHALL YE DO. " Where does one go alter they graduate?" "TO ANOTHER DIMENSION. YOU SEE INFINITY HAS NO END. ONE CAN ONE CAN RAISE THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS TO BECOME ARC ANGLES. THE PROCEDURE IS LIKE A TABLE OF ORGANIZATION. FOR EXAMPLE, YOU HAVE THE HEAD OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS. YOU HAVE THE PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, TREASURER, SECRETARY, ETC... YOU SEE YOU ARE A COMPLETE PACKAGE WITH ALL THE KNOWLEDGE ALREADY WITHIN YOU. TO UNLOCK THIS WISDOM IS TO RAISE CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH CAN ELECTRIFY THE AREA OF MIND TO BRING THE WISDOM FORWARD. SERVICE TO HUMANITY IS ONE OF THE WAYS TO RECEIVE ENLIGHTENMENT. MEDITATION IS AN OPEN RESOURCE TO HIGHER STATES."

They gave me ancient wisdom and indicated that the camp would be liberated m 3 weeks from today, Friday. We will get off the ship at New York on April 28th. I asked why should I accept this? They referred to an incident when I was 10 years old, after my fathers funeral. A dream that I told no one about. This sort made me feel, "WOW!" ["We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual being having a human experience." Teilhard DeChardin]

I opened my eves and the whole gang was down below in a 1/2 circle, looking up at me with their mouths open. I said "you look like you saw a ghost." "We thought you were dead, we put a piece of glass to your mouth and there was nothing, no breath.", was their response. "You didn't touch me?", I asked. "No, we prayed for you." They said, "I just had an experience you wouldn't believe." They remarked, "if we wont believe It don't tell us." 'They all got up and walked off.

The young kid that slept next to me asked me to tell him what happened. I noticed that he was very excited and asked him what was wrong with him. He told me that I was glowing, like the spiritual pictures, with a bright light around me. I asked him if anyone else saw it? He told me that he had asked the guy next to him and he thought he was crazy. I didn’t say anything except to tell him that we were to he liberated next Friday and he in the U.S.A. the end of the month. He flipped he wanted to go tell the gang. I told him not to. I told him I would deny it. He wanted to know why. We have had so many rumors that have never come to pass. I implored him not to say anything, I didn't really understand it all vet myself. He said okay.

Thursday night he touches me with his leg and asks me if I was awake. "Yes, I hear it, tanks. Let’s wait and see what happens." At 6:30 a.m., when the guard would open our door no one was there. The G.I. that slept near the door pushed it with his boot and it opened. We got up and went out and ran back in telling us that there were no guards and the tanks are coming up the hill and they are American. Two Hundred guys trying to get out the same door at the same time is very painful. We were liberated! I went to the side, sat down and with tears of joy and I thanked "GOD!" We were given priority and we were flown hack to LuHarve, a costal town where we came form, after crossing the channel. We refueled in Remes, France and went through a delousing station and were given clean clothes. LaHarve had a series of camps named after American cigarettes. Camp Lucky Strike. Camp Chesterfield and so on. We arrived at Camp Lucky Strike and the war was over for us. I got treatment for my wounds. My body swelled up. My glandular system was completely enlarged. The guys would me to go to sick call. I told them, no, I didn’t want to be hospitalized in France, there was a rumor that we were going home. They told me they hadn’t heard any rumors. I couldn’t tell them of my experience, but I knew. Sure enough we were put aboard trucks and were taken to the port of a ship. I gave my duffel bag to my young friend to take below and I went over and sat in a chair by the infirmary. My buddy told me to go in. I said that I wouldn’t till the ship left the port. I didn’t want to be sent back.

The ship, we were told was a Swiss ship, the same ship that brought Gerta Garbo to the U.S.A. I finally went into the infirmary and sitting there was a "chicken" colonel and to my right was a nurse at her desk. He asked me if I was a repatriated prisoner and I told him I was. H: spoke with a Brooklyn accent. I asked him if he was going to examine me. He said that 1 had edema. I asked him what that was and he said that meant I had swelling of the body tissue. He figured it was caused by a deficiency and indicated that he would have to test me to find out what it is and treat me. I said, "Okay at least I know what it is. He smiled at me aud asked me, in a joking way i if I had my diploma with me. I showed him my menus that we had all written out, listing our desires for certain foods. I eave him the menu, written on any kind of scrap paper we could find. My menus were all dairy products with Fred Sanders ice cream sodas, sundaes. milk cheese, etc..... He asked me who Fred Sanders was. I told him that he invented the ice cream soda. He replied "In Detroit?" I told him we also had an inventor that gave the world the first automobile. "You see sir, west of New York there are many other fantastic places." He laughed and asked me if I was a member of "the tribe". This was his way of asking me if I was Jewish. I told him I was. He then instructed the nurse to get me into a gown and when I came our he examined me. My whole glandular system was swollen, my genitals were grossly enlarged. My penis was the size of my arm and my testicles were the size of grapefruit. The Dr said the state he said he was going to manage me. The nurses from other shifts would come to my bed and raise the sheets and whistle. Well, as you probably guessed this first area to return to normal size was my genitals.

The colonel would come in a rap with me, he found me to be interesting. One day after a very short visit he got up to leave. I asked him where he was going in such a hurry and he told me he was going to place a bet. Apparently they had a lottery going on the ship, to see if anyone could name the exact date and time and place that we would port winner takes or shares the lot. I told him that this was not a big ship so what was the big deal. He told me that we were pat of a 16 ship convoy. He said, "you heard the depth charges." He told me he had to run, he was a colonel and he got early choices. I told him to close the curtain. I asked him to sit down and then I told him my story. He flipped, asked me for the date and asked me if anyone else knew the date or place. I told him we would disembark on April 28th, in New York Harbor. He freaked this was his home town. He told me he would split the money with me. I smiled as he left thinking, how much of a big deal could this really be. ["My life has taught me the need of being aware of the beauty of life and to become appreciative of everything and everyone with love." Sol Lewis.]

The 28th of April we were disembarked in New York harbor. Waiting for me was the colonel in full uniform. He pulled me out of the line and took me to the side. he put his arm around me and placed an envelope in my shirt and he said, "You have a destiny follow it. When you’re in New York look me up. I went back in line and the one of the guys waned to know if he was a homosexual. I told them that he wasn’t, we just knew a few friend and be wished me well. The envelope was burning a hole in my stomach. When I had a chance to be alone and look in it, I found S600.00 cash with a note of thanks. I was excited, I could buy a car for that kind of money.

This story is the birth of a hypnotists with paranormal phenomena I will leave it now for my book will be published soon, after 50 years in the making. You will all buy the book at the count of 3. 1.2.3...... I have no title yet.

1 was hospitalized for an incident that will be in my book. I was in a nerve ward in Percy Jones hospital treated by a psychiatrist, Major Aur. I ask him if he was aware of hypnosis, telling him of my experience on the battle field. He smiled and said that he used hypnosis with the G.I.’s who were suffering from malingering, a condition where stress caused the ailment that we know today as psychosomatic. He said that he had books that he would let me read. I was excited how things came about. He instructed me so that I was able to put the guys into an altered state and I would indicate to them that when they go to see the doctor and he puts him hand on your shoulder and says sleep you will enter a deep state of relaxation. This was my first experience working with hypnosis, it was 1945.

Returning home. my brother, Hy. Indicated that he was interested in hypnosis and was studying it from books. I told him of my experiences. A Detroit hypnology society was giving lectures and we attended. Took the course and eventually we were teaching for the society. My brother and I are artists and worked doing display for men's and women's windows. We opened a office called the Lewis Hypnosis Center in the fifties. We taught hypnosis in a 10 day course with one 3 hour session per week. We taught doctors, psychiatrists, indeed people in all the healing arts. We also taught seminars to law students, priests, ministers, rabbi's and others who do counseling. I am a member of the Masonic lodge and was requested to do a lecture and demonstration My worshipful master was so excited with the presentation that he took the course. Dr. Jack Jackson an optometrist, was excellent. Wt: made him our 3rd partner. We got a charter from the State of Michigan in 1958, after the A.M.A. accepted hypnosis as an adjunct to the healing profession. Presently, I am still operating the Institute with a graduate student. Tom Little, a fine practitioner. My brother and Jack have made the transition. We are the oldest school in Michigan. Licensed with the Dept. of Education, State of Michigan as a preparatory school. We offer #101 and #102 certification and graduate students are involved in the research program. We encourage all our students to attend conferences to learn the latest and newest methods.

You lean hypnosis by doing it, your clients teach you and write your book for you. Always record your sessions. Write anything down that you come across, no matter how way out it may seem. No one has it all together, it is always a learning and growing modality, discovering the abilities of he mind.

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, the definitive book on hypnosis is the Bible. "And God put Adam into a deep sleep". It never indicates that he awakened him. Through our desire to know we become awakened, by searching, asking and using our knowledge. Another saying goes, "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he". That's it, the secret to the meaning of life. As you think. that is the condition of your life. You as hypnotist change the key and change the condition. people come to us already hypnotized we de-hypnotize them. Another valuable service we offer to our students is the free refresher courses. We give workshops introducing new modalities to hypnotists regardless where they were certified, at reasonable fee. A copy of certification has to be sent with enrollment.

There is no particular method all methods that work are acceptable. People may be alike physically. but not mentally. Each person is an individual to themselves.

I have learned that rapport is love, a feeling nature of being one with the person. 1 then relax. I tune into the mind of my client mentally and ask for the help of the spirit to affect changes with the person. It is called telepathy and communication. Remember, the subconscious mind is the spiritual self.

A remarkable method of finding causes is the non directive method, shared by Dr. Irene Hickman in her book Mind Probe. We met in Montro Switzerland 1972. She gave her paper first and freaked me out. I had a similar paper on past lives. Her dedication to this field puts her with all the best of the past. "TO KNOW THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE", a biblical expression. Causes when understand eradicate the condition. Symptom alleviation is not complete healing. Conditions. whether natal or prenatal in origin can be relieved through awareness obtained in the hypnotic state. I do healing through suggestion by a relaxing state of mind. The subject is never out of it. They hear my voice and are aware that they can open their eyes and break the state whenever they desire. By putting someone into the alpha state can correct conditions by suggestion.

A quick way is to have the subject close their eyes and get them to cooperate with the suggestion that they are unable to open them and continue to relax the body and you are prepared to do whatever is needed; To get eye closure is the acceptance of the altered sate. Go for it. Of course? there are many, many methods. This procedure, when done in a clinical atmosphere. works quickly and acceptably. In case of trauma and accidents and difficult situations, speed hypnosis is necessary. At conference vou will learn many methods to effect speed hypnosis and be able to anesthetize people under going surgery, where time is of the essence. ["We must cease from exploration, and the end of all exploring will be to arrive where we began and to know." T. S. Elliot]


What Is Hypnosis? It is a descriptive word meaning sleep. It is a Greek term. It was a bad choice. The art and science of suggestion is the correct definition.

Why Does It Work? We operate our bodies with a computer called a brain.; The brain receives the input by the acceptance of authority of self or others. It is already conditioned by your upbringing from you peers, (parents, teachers, ministers, priest, rabbis, bosses, supervisors, family elders, friends, radio, T.V., movies, books, etc.) Whatever the subconscious mind accepts, that becomes reality. Change the computer, change a condition, situation, habit, etc.

Is Hypnosis Dangerous? Hypnosis is not dangerous in itself. The danger is in those who are given the authority to suggest what is good or bad for another. No one has that authority unless given by the individual. The best method is to teach one to be their own hypnotist. Learn self-hypnosis. There are ego maniacs who profess to know everything that controls others. Know your practioner. Is he/she spiritual oriented (meaning having a concern about the person' well-being first and foremost?)

Can Anyone Be A Hypnotist? Everyone is already. (unaware.) The study of hypnotism is the study of men/women, the nature of their being. There are no wires leading from our bodies to give it energy. We are beating air, we eat food, beverages to maintain life. We are, through our thinking, creating physical problems. "As a man thinketh, so is he." We are a physical, electrical, chemical being. We are walking drug stores able to create whatever chemical is necessary. Anger, hate, jealousy create a chemistry change that will go to the least resistant part of your body and create a dis-ease. By suggestion to release this type of condition, we have found that forgiveness of all our associates, family, etc. be absolutely released. The catharsis is to create a clean blood system, not carrying any debris.

What Is Your Paramount Method of Hypnotherapy? Good question. It can have emotional control then one can function exceptionally healthy and be in the sane mind. Almost every one drives a car. You brake the car on a red light, accelerated on green. It is automatic. This called a conditioned reflex. We give the suggestion that whenever you think the word "peace" or say the word, or imagine the white dove, the symbol of "peace", you relax. And your mind is clear and you can be emotionally in control to effect whatever your good is for you. To be able to express intelligently, in control, the other cheek principle is to turn consciousness around to love. It takes two to fight. We give this type therapy regardless of what their problem may be. To be able to relax is the optimum state of being. No tension, no anxiety, no high blood pressure. Relaxation is the forerunner to good health.

What Important Message Do You Have With 50 Years of Experience With Hypnosis?

You become a hypnotist only when you’re practicing the art & science with people. Books are great references, that's all. Your experience becomes your book. The only real test for a hypnotist is his practice, results. You see, I am still learning. I have become aware that we are made up of atoms and molecules and each atom and molecule has their own intelligence as to what they are to be and do. With that in mind, talk directly to the effective part. That's right, address the problem directly.

Example: I am speaking to the voice box. As energy is being directed to your area to bring the balance to effect a healing. Three times the suggestion is directed to the area. You can speak clearly upon awakening. All the muscles and tissues are now in balance. That which caused this laryngitis will be made aware to you and you will overcome the negative condition.


Hypnosis as a profession has only just begun its long journey to acceptance as a healing art. Until recently it has not been taught by any professor in college or elsewhere, academically. Now, I understand it is becoming a course of study in some medical and psychological schools..

Imagine the academic hierarchy can change, as change is the only reality. Most hypnotists, like Dave Elman, my brother Hyman and myself, taught hypnosis to the medical doctor, psychiatrist and all the related academic healing arts and other professional persons. I remember being questioned as to my qualifications by a psychiatrist who was taking our Michigan Hypnosis Institute class in the fifties. I indicated I had no academic degrees. He replied, "No degrees? I'm an M.D., Ph.D., why am I being taught by a lay person" I said, "Please, you're here because I have studied and used hypnosis for many years and paid my dues. I have knowledge you cannot get elsewhere." He said, "But a lay person" I said, "No, a professional. "This modality will one day be the main thrust of all preventive and healing arts." He said, with fourteen other students present (doctors, ophthalmologists, internists, surgeons, etc., including a Rabbi and Priest), "I'm appalled at being here." I said, "Stand up: He stood up. I said, "Doctor, tell this august body of gentlemen who the first Ph.D. was" He looked at me and started to smile. "Well, Doctor, what is your answer" O.K., he said, I see your point. "Do you?

Do you not see that all knowledge came out of consciousness and was made into a text and organized by a group, to teach under an ethical manner for the increase of knowledge in all related arts? An artist taught students the methods of paint, drawing, etc., a mechanic taught how to repair motors, a musician taught how to play various instruments, etc. The history of medicine is from the time of the witch-hunts, when people would open up cadavers to see the nature of the body. They were caught and burned at the stake as witches, Hypnosis was not accepted by the faculty as a procedure for healing or changing of various habits, etc. "O.K," he said," I get your point."' I said, 'Now I realize your efforts to obtain your degrees, it was years of study and intensity, which is a long stretch of work and dedication. I honor you for that, but your ignorance of knowledge in my field could only be gotten from one who is into the work and has some of the answers. Hypnosis is ongoing learning, it does not stop. We are dealing with a mind, a consciousness we know very little about, but increasingly more and more. The seminars, the workshops, new ideas, conventions are the ongoing teachings of this amazing science and art!"

I am appalled by those who always refer to the term hallucination. What does that word mean? It means to imagine something, with no reality as to the practitioner. It is also a cop-out as to not understanding the nature of what is. We are uncovering situations each day in our research and practice of hypnosis and the revelations are tremendous. The body is a mechanism of thought. It is responsive to suggestion. There are people everyday overcoming the wheelchair and improving and walking, where a doctor of medicine has indicated, "you will never walk again, you will be in a wheelchair for the rest of your life." The amazing situation is that because physical injury to various parts of the body is so damaging that it is safe to say when science has no answer presently, that it is beyond repair. And yet, by hallucinating, also called visualization; seeing within the mind, a different reality creates a change. When a young girl of fourteen spontaneously regressed to a former life to reveal her present blindness, it made me realize something was occurring that I had no knowledge of. Investigating this phenomena created my present awareness and dedication to its reality. Again, it does not belong to the academic world. It is not even in the theology of the book called the Bible. Much wisdom and knowledge is being held back by many to be able to control the ignorant. Religion is totally divided and is the reason for all our wars. We, in hypnosis, are becoming as the religionists state, "Our group is the only truth." A division of this important work is now being destroyed by certain egos that won't let go.

My whole existence is for the reality of Man. I respect everyone for what they are, I know I cannot change one person, only myself. I only ask that all organizations get together and form an alliance, or the art and science of hypnosis is dead, ego will bury it.

I will belong only to an organization that does not put a cap on hypnosis. In my observations of our society, religion, academic learning, politics, have not proven any growth to the understanding of Man on a magnificent planet. Ignorance is the only sin of Man and it is destroying the human race and our environment. If, as a group, we cannot express in a love relationship, then we are doomed