1. INSOMNIA:  Insomnia has become an epidemic in our rapidly changing, stress-filled world. It can be defined formally as a perceived disturbance of the usual sleep pattern, with one or more of these characteristics: (1) inability to fall asleep, (2) inability to maintain sleep, and (3) early awakening.

One half of all adult Americans now say they have trouble sleeping, fifty percent more than eight years ago. At least 30 million now have severe, chronic insomnia. Poor sleep impairs the ability to react creatively and appropriately to situations. It leaves the sufferer tired, anxious, and emotionally unstable. Sleep disturbances can also do serious physical damage.

Worry, depression, or simply noise can interfere with proper sleep. Excessive worry doesn't allow the sufferer to enjoy the relaxation needed to go to sleep. Depressed people will often 'overdream,' leaving them exhausted the next day. To prevent this overdreaming, the body will sometimes wake the sufferer before too much dreaming has taken place - the so-called 'early-morning-waking' syndrome - leaving the victim without enough sleep.

After insomnia has disturbed sleep for some days or weeks, sleep anxiety, where the victim worries all day about the next night's sleep, can make a peaceful night even less likely.

Insomnia has many causes. If you are having difficulty falling asleep, awaken several times throughout the night, have early morning awakenings, or have marked difficulty getting out of bed in the mornings, start by checking with your health care provider.

Though some cases of insomnia are caused by a medical problem, many can be alleviated with behavioral changes, relaxation, and/or hypnotherapy. It is useful to talk about three types of insomnia: transient, intermittent, and chronic. Insomnia lasting for a few days or weeks is referred to as transient. If episodes of transient insomnia occur from time to time, the insomnia is said to be intermittent. Chronic insomnia occurs on most nights and lasts a month or more.

Transient and intermittent insomnia are usually caused by temporary conditions like stress, anxiety, extreme temperatures, a change in the environment, jet lag, a different work schedule, or a new medication. The causes of chronic insomnia are more complex. A combination of factors may be at work, including underlying physical or mental disorders. Depression is one of the most common causes of chronic insomnia. Other underlying causes include arthritis, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless-leg syndrome, and hypertension. Past traumas or fears will often be hidden causes of chronic insomnia. Behavioral factors, such as the misuse of caffeine, alcohol or other substances; the wake/sleep cycles upset by a change in work or personal schedules; or emotional stress can also produce chronic insomnia.

Relaxation Therapy for Transient and Intermittent Insomnia: There are specific and effective techniques that can reduce or eliminate acute anxiety and body tension. As a result, the person's mind is able to stop "racing," the muscles can relax, and restful sleep can occur. Self-hypnosis helps the sufferer to disconnect from an overactive intellect while resting. A qualified hypnotherapist can teach self-hypnosis in one session.

Hypnotherapy For Chronic Insomnia: Hypnotherapy can uncover and address the core issues that underlie the insomnia. A qualified hypnotherapist can help reduce significantly or eliminate completely most forms of insomnia. Hypnotherapy addresses the subconscious mind where all memory lies. It is the subconscious part of the mind that controls and determines the behavior of insomnia. It is also through the subconscious mind that new behaviors can replace old habits, allowing positive and beneficial changes to occur.


Allow your eyes to close now and just focus on your breathing ... breathing in relaxation ... breathing out tension...breathing in relaxation...breathing out anxiety...breathing in relaxation...breathing out stress...that's right...focusing on your breathing... in... and out...and relaxing more and more with each outward breath ...and now with your breathing slow and relaxed you may choose to begin some progressive relaxation...progressively relaxing your body...from the top of your head...all the way down to the soles of your feet...and I'd like for you to use your imagination because your imagination is the key to getting a suggestion to the subconscious part of your mind, the computer as we call it ... and the subconscious mind sees by ways of pictures and symbols, and it can then implement that picture and allow it to be ... And right now, we're giving it a picture of you beginning to relax ... Imagine a soothing ... comforting feeling ... encircling both of your feet. ... Like a wave of relaxation ... A relaxing wave of energy or air ... and I don't know, but perhaps your wave of relaxation has a color ... perhaps it's shimmery or transparent ... anyway that you want it to be ... Just know that it's there ... soothing ... relaxing and comforting ... in and around your feet, like a figure eight ... all around and in and out ... relaxing every muscle ... every tendon ... every joint. Relaxing your feet from your heels to your toes ... relaxing your ankles, your calf and your calf muscles ... all the way up through your knees ... relaxing your thighs ...your hips...and your buttocks... relaxing your abdomen ... relaxing every muscle ... every vessel ... every nerve ... every cell ...relaxing your stomach ... allowing your stomach muscles to let go you continue to breath in relaxation... Relaxing your stomach ... your chest ...your back...that's right...first the lower back...then the middle back and even the upper back...relax...and that same sensation of relaxation can now move across and down your shoulders, allowing your shoulders to drop down gently, as you just let go ... releasing ... relaxing... letting go ... releasing ... relaxing ... letting go ... and now carrying that relaxed feeling down your upper arms...down your lower arms...all the way down to your wrist and even into your finger tips...where you may notice a tingling sensation...and that's perfectly guide this feeling of relaxation to your neck... allowing the relaxation to bathe your neck with comfort and warmth...and now, in and around your throat ... And that same quality of relaxation can move into your face...relaxing the muscles in your face...your jaw...allowing your teeth to part slightly as you relax the joints around the jaw...the facial muscles...and joints relax... relaxing your cheeks ... your eye lids ... all the muscles surrounding your eyes ... feeling very, very comfortable ... nice and relaxed ... and notice your eyes feeling even more heavy, more relaxed ... You may even notice your eyelids flickering a little bit ... with REM, or rapid eye movement... and that's perfectly fine... Relaxing your eyes ... relaxing your forehead now ... all the way to the top of your head. And for a moment just imagine a pleasant feeling of someone massaging your scalp...and notice a gentle wave of relaxation slowly enveloping your entire body and flowing from the top of your head all the way down to the soles of your feet...all the way down...down to the soles of your feet.

Continuing to use your imagination I would like for you to give your mind a picture or awareness of you choosing to sleep. Choosing to sleep peacefully and restfully. Just pretend that at this moment that it is time to sleep and you choose to sleep...(pause) and as you begin to remember what its like to lie there trying to induce sleep...get in touch with the feelings that keep you awake...get in touch with the thoughts that keep you awake. I would like for you to recognize any familiar feeling...any familiar energy that comes up for you at this time... any feelings or energy that have prevented you from sleeping in a peaceful restful way... (pause) Begin to notice where and what the sensations and thoughts are in your body and mind... Become more attuned to your self and your body's language...and as you expand your awareness ... perhaps you can get in touch with the very first time you felt like this...that's right... your subconscious mind has the memory that started the insomnia pattern for the first time... take a nice deep breath and just follow that breath in... all the way in...and allow your thoughts to drift and wander...even further away from conscious awareness... as I continue to talk to you. (pause)

Just as your subconscious mind remembers your natural sleep pattern, and how you were able to get a peaceful night's sleep...perhaps long ago... it also remembers the circumstances and events that caused that natural sleep pattern to shift and change. While you continue to lie there, relaxing more and more with each outward breath...your subconscious mind can get in touch with the source which set the forces in motion causing you to experience the unnatural sleep pattern known as insomnia...your subconscious mind knows exactly where that old memory is stored and all of the causing circumstances as well... your subconscious mind knows the causing event that produced the decision, the response that has kept you from sleeping peacefully and restfully-and it can uncover that event in an understanding but detached way now...... I am going to be silent for the next few minutes and you can allow your subconscious mind to search and seek out the experiences that have produced the condition known as insomnia...without judging, censoring or editing...just let the images and thoughts come with detached awareness. (long pause)

Your subconscious mind is aware that you are serious about letting go of the of the condition known as insomnia and can assist you in releasing it now... Your subconscious mind can assess and evaluate that old pattern and can determine that although the response of interfering with your sleep was once helpful and perhaps necessary in the is neither necessary nor helpful to you now... And having, perhaps better understanding of how and why that pattern was created in the first place...your subconscious mind can release and let go from the memory any negative energy or behavior associated with the condition known as insomnia. Release and let go of all negative energy associated with insomnia now and forever in a healthy beneficial way for you. In fact, if you choose, you can give your subconscious mind a new direction for that old energy behavior... you may choose to use that energy for something beneficial now, such as calmness at night...or perhaps employ that energy towards exercise by day...anything you is energy...where do you want to direct this energy so it can now assist you in a positive way? (pause) Imagine yourself directing the energy in a way that is now beneficial to you. As you make this decision the subconscious levels of your mind understand and realize that you are serious about improving and restoring your sleep habits. You have made a new decision that it is safe to rest and sleep peacefully and restfully. The subconscious levels of mind realizes that the old sleep behavior known as insomnia is unnecessary... because you can now handle situations and circumstances differently... you have tools now that you didn't have before and this allows you to handle situations comfortably. You are more mature and more knowledgeable... therefore you have willfully and purposefully... released any negative sleep conditioning and reclaimed your natural ability to sleep and rest comfortably and peacefully. Each and every time you lie down to sleep you are reminded that sleep is a natural state that allows your body and mind to be were born with the ability to sleep anytime that you need to have restored your natural ability to go to sleep easily and quickly...peacefully and comfortably... you remember how to sleep easily...whenever you need to... whenever you want to. Your subconscious mind will continue to process and integrate all of the suggestions, all of the imprints, all of the understandings... allowing full resolution to the condition known as may not consciously be aware of the underlying issues...because that is not important right now...but you will have a sense of AWE...that something did shift and change in a positive a way that is healing and restful for you.

In a moment I am going to count from one to five...and on the count of five, you will open your eyes, be fully aware, feeling wonderful in every way. You will bring back from this experience all that will is beneficial for you, and leave behind anything that is not beneficial.

ONE: Slowly, now, gently begin to return to full awareness. TWO: You feel refreshed in every way.

THREE: You feel a stirring surge of energy, becoming more aware of your physical body. FOUR: Your entire body wonderfully refreshed and relaxed

FIVE: Fully aware and alert, eyes open. Take a deep breath and stretch!

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