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KISSED AT LAST (and still being kissed)!

APRIL 4, 1958

Paul & Bobbie today

My father signs the marriage license while Bobbie and I wait our turn. Reverend B. P. Durbin (1903-1983)


Annie B & Gordon

Timothy, my oldest son

My mother (1910-2005)
Mr. Gordon Pullig, step-father (1912-2006) 
Married - January 1993

Hanging with Acme


Scott & Gretchen

Artie McMurtrey

 My 'old' web designer
and youngest son with his wife
My "foster" son's favorite sport


Brew - Football Brewster - Entertainer
Brewster and Amelia and the 50's Band
Amelia - Birthday Gift A dog makes 3
Posing after final game of the season
Tim & Jackie on the set of the Movers


Chaplain (CPT) Paul G. Durbin conducts a

Field Worship Service - Fork Polk, LA (1962)

Chaplain (BG) Paul G. Durbin Presented Replica Plaque at Retirement by Chaplain (Col) Jesse Campbell.
Original Plaque is on view at Jackson Barracks Chapel in New Orleans, LA (1989).

Paul playing for Avenger Indians (Texas) in 1949 age 13.

Paul playing for Heflin High School (Louisiana) 1951 age 15.

Paul's Fantasy: I played baseball for the Red Sox only in my dreams. Bobbie, had this painted for my birthday a few years ago.   It is about 3ft by 2ft.

Paul playing for Centenary College JV team 1955 age 19. Pictured with Paul is Van Gardner