Chaplain Durbin receives IACT 2000 Educator of the Year award from Jillian LaVelle.

Paul Durbin, Artie McMurtrey, & Jaime Feldman at IMDHA

The late Dr. R.D. "Sean" Longacre (clapping) and myself at the NBHA awards banquet in Phoenix, Arizona.


Robert Otto, Paul, and "Mac" proving the old adage: "See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil." IHHF

Hugs for everyone! From left to right: Myself, "Mac" McMurtrey, Gerry Kein, Mike Stower, and Elaine Bottari. Where is Al Bottari? Why he's taking the picture!

Yours truly as Master of Ceremonies at the ABH convention.

(Dr A. M. "Al" Krasner to my right and Dr. Caroline Miller to my left)

Conducting a class for the NGH.

Durbin responses to a question ACHE.

Artie McMurtrey, Paul Durbin talking shop with friends at IMDHA conference

(Brochure developed by Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D. and External Affairs of Pendleton Memorial Methodist Hospital for Director of Clinical Hypnotherapy)