Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.


A physician’s referral is required for pre-post surgery hypnotherapy.

First session pre-talk protocol and got individual information concerning client’s surgery and explain

the value of hypnosis before surgery are:

(1) Reduce anxiety and feel calmer before surgery.

(2) Induce relaxation.

(3) Educate the patient about the operation protocol.

(4) Improve the patient's self-confidence.

(5) Induce hypnoanesthesia in patients where traditional chemoanesthesia is contraindicated

(6) Reduce the dosage of any required chemoanesthesia.

(7) Reduce bleeding or other actions that the patient can take to assist the surgery.

(8) Give posthypnotic suggestions of postoperative comfort, relaxation, and lack of pain.

Hypnosis following surgery:

(1) Facilitate recovery through direct suggestions of compliance with treatment and relaxation,

(2) Increase the patient's active involvement in recovery and healing so patient recovers faster.

(3) Manage postoperative pain and avoid extensive use of chemical analgesics. In other words, "use less medication."

(4) Manage anxiety and boredom through creative use of hypnosis, relaxation and imagery.

(5) Strengthen your immune system through imagery, visualization and direct suggestion, thereby reducing the possibility of postoperative complications, such as infection and secondary illnesses.

(6) Can help your recovery by visualizing yourself healed and doing the actives you enjoy. At the University of Texas, a study showed that patient’s incisions healed faster when patients relaxed and visualized their recovery before and after surgery. These findings were published by Carol Holden-Lund, R.N, Ph.D. in Research in Nursing and Health in 1988. According to a University of California, Davis Medical Center study, patients using these techniques spent 1.5 less days in the hospital than patients who did not use these techniques. This resulted to a savings in hospitalization cost of well over $1,000.00 per person. (From Preparing for Surgery, Healing Faster: by Peggy Huddleson, 1996).

(7) Save money on medical bills.

SCRIPTS FOR THE FIRST SESSION: (PRE-OP) (Additional Scripts began on page 9)

CALM AND RELAXED:  (Script found in "Pain Control and Healing")

SUGGESTIONS BEFORE SURGERY:  Script found in "Pain Control and Healing")

ANOTHER SCRIPT THAT CAN BE USED: PREPARATION FOR SURGERY: Now, would you please lie in a position which is very comfortable for you. Take time to arrange your body, so that you feel poised and balanced and very comfortable and at ease. Take a few moments to do this. Adjust your head so that you are comfortable...your back...your arms...your feet...and legs. As we continue, if you would like to change your position to become even more comfortable, please feel free to do so.

And so to begin: As you are lying in this comfortable position, look up at the ceiling and find a spot which is easy for you to see. Just any spot on the ceiling will do. Please continue to look at that spot while I continue to speak with you. Already as you are looking at that spot you may begin to perceive some very subtle changes in your vision. For example, you may notice that the spot becomes very easy to see. And you may also notice that area surrounding the spot may begin to get hazy, so that as you keep the spot in focus, the rest of your vision moves out of focus. You may also notice that your eyes begin to tire and fatigue...and sometime your eye indicate that by tearing. So you may notice your eyes watering a bit. You may notice that as your eyes blink, you sense a feeling of comfort come over your body in that brief moment when your eyes are closed. And as your eyes continue to tire, and they continue to blink, you continue more and more comfort and pleasure as your eyes are closing. And soon you will notice the it is more comfortable for you to just allow your eyes to close. When you notice that it is more comfortable for you to allow your eyes to close, let them close, so that you can notice the changes which occur when you have turned off your sense of vision.

One thing you may notice almost immediately is how easy it is to hear the words that I speak directly to you. It is also easy to hear and continue to hear all of the sounds around you. And yet, those sounds which are not important to you at this moment can fade into the background and even though they are still there, you can use them to help you relax even more. You can hear pages in the hallway and know that you do not need to listen to them. You may hear talking or sounds from your neighbor, the television set, snatches of conversations. While these go on, notice how pleasant it is to know that you need not bother to respond to anything unless it is directed specifically at you.

You may also notice how easy it is to begin to tune in to the rhythm of your breathing, noticing that when you are still your body takes a rhythm of breathing which is most beneficial for you at this moment. As you inhale and exhale, your chest goes up and down in a comfortable, easy rhythm. An interesting thing about your breathing is that you breathe day and night, every moment of your life without having to think about it. Your autonomic nervous system directs and controls your breathing in a comfortable way; in a way that is so much better than you could ever do consciously; in a way that occurs without any effort on your part. Your body, in a sense, breathes by itself. As you continue to breathe, you may notice that each time you inhale you can relax more and more. Each time you exhale you can feel as if you are sinking deeply into the support of the mattress. Each time you exhale you can feel as if you are letting go of more and more muscle tension. So that each time you breathe out, it is as if your letting go of tightness and you feel your muscles becoming soft and loose. You can breathe in relaxation and exhale tension. You may experience this as a comfortable feeling of heaviness, so that each time you exhale, you feel your body becoming soft and loose and limp. If you notice that there is any part of your body which is still tense, which is holding on to tension, imagine as you exhale, that you breathe out through that body part which was holding tension and let your breath melt the tension so that, as you breathe out, those muscles too become soft and loose and comfortable. Take a few moments to make a tour of your body, taking time to notice if there is any tension anywhere within your body. If you notice any tension in your body, take a few moments of extra care, letting yourself breathe out through that part of your body and melt the tension away.

You may also notice that your heartbeat assumes a regular, even, rhythmical pattern, which is most beneficial for you at this time. You know again that your subconscious mind directs the beating of your heart day and night, every moment of your life whether you consciously think about it or not. It is the circulation of oxygenated enriched blood throughout your body which aids very much in the healing process. And so for these few moments, just feel the rhythm of your heartbeat. Sometimes your heartbeat may be so subtle that perhaps the only way to feel it is on a subconscious level, for every single living cell in your body feels the regular influx of nutrients with every beat of your heart. This process also cleanses away all waste products in each and every cell in your body. And, as mentioned earlier, this process goes on automatically whether you think about it or not.

Your blood pressure reaches a level which is best for you right now. Because you are lying down in a position of relaxation and comfort and you feel a certain sense of stillness, your blood pressure becomes normal.

You may also notice that as I continue to speak with you, thoughts continue to drift through your mind, as if your thoughts are like drops of water in a river. And you know, sometimes those drops of water move very quickly in the form of white water rapids, bubbling over rocks, moving very quickly downstream. Yet, in the very same river, if you walk downstream far enough, you will come to a spot in the river where the water is so deep that it is almost impossible to detect any movement at all. In fact, perhaps you cannot see the water move until you wait and watch a leaf detach itself from a branch of a tree, begin to drift downward toward the surface of the water, touch the surface of the water, pause for just a moment and then begin its journey downstream. Feel the rhythm of your thoughts without bothering to pick out any one thought to think about. Just feel the gentle drifting rhythm of your thoughts as they drift through your mind like drops of water.

Know that at this moment there is nothing special for you to do, there are no demands being placed upon you, no expectations. There is no one to please, no one to satisfy. The only thing for you to do right now is to feel and experience the rhythms going on within your body--feeling a sense of comfortable stillness, feeling a sense of quiet deep within you, allowing your subconscious mind to work freely and easily in this process of healing.

One of the ways that your body heals itself is by circulating rich oxygenated blood to every single living cell in your body, filling that cell with nourishment and carrying away waste products, and filtering them outside of your body. This process is a process that you can participate in and facilitate. One of the ways that you can facilitate this process is to keep in mind that your body is constantly healing itself, sloughing off dead cells, nourishing that area, and growing new healthy cells all of the time. As part of your healing process you experience many different kinds of physical sensations. You may feel the sensation of stretching and shrinking as tissues join together and mend themselves. You may experience sensations of warmth as the healing process continues, or sensations of pressure as swelling begins to subside. It is important to know that, as your body heals itself, changes do occur and those changes may be perceived by you. You can cooperate with the work of your body by remaining calm, as you are now, continuing to breathe in a rhythmical easy rhythm, letting your breath enrich your blood supply, which in turn will carry nutrients to your cells, allowing your blood pressure to go to a level which is most beneficial to you now. If you are feeling any sense of discomfort, breathe in and out through that area so that your warm breath can soothe those muscles and allow them to feel soft and warm and relaxed. So let yourself rest and let your body take its time to heal.

Now, leaving you with these thoughts, allow yourself to continue to breathe, relaxing more and more with each breath, fully enjoying that feeling of deep comfort and peace. Allow the drifting of your thoughts to match the easy rhythm of your breathing as you inhale and exhale. Then, give to your subconscious the task of directing your healing process with the same efficiency that it directs your respiration, digestion and circulation--knowing that your subconscious can direct your healing process, whether or not you subconsciously think about it. Day by day in every way you are getting better and better, healthier and healthier.

Give client audio tape: Pre-Post Surger


Discuss with client his/her personal experience and needs and counsel as appropriate.


BREATHING FOR PAIN REDUCTION SCRIPT: (Script found in "Pain Management and Enhancing Healing Protocol")

GLOVE ANESTHESIA: (Script found in "Pain Management and Enhancing Healing Protocol")

THE SETTING SUN PAIN METAPHOR: (Script found in "Pain Management and Enhancing Healing Protocol")

(If client is a Christian and religious use): THE HEALING TOUCH OF JESUS: (Script found in "Pain Management and Enhancing Healing Protocol")

RESTORING HEALTH: The suggestions and instructions that I'm telling you now are going into the storehouse of your mind and your own mind can cause them to begin working immediately in your body... Even though you are not consciously aware of it, the healing processes of your body continues functioning at all times... They are continuously nourishing tissues, strengthening muscles, repairing cells, keeping your body temperature stabilized, keeping your heart pumping and causing your blood to continue circulating, cleansing waste material and impurities out of your body through the normal, natural processes of your elimination system, and conducting many other activities...

Those processes are continuously working to keep your body healthy and strong... They are normal and natural... They keep functioning twenty-four hours a day, causing all organs, all glands, all cells, all atoms and molecules of your body working properly...

Scientists have found that each cell of your body performs functions that the world's most outstanding chemists, scientists, and physicians have not been able to duplicate... And those activities in your body are guided and directed by your subconscious mind... Imprints, Impressions, thoughts and ideas have been going into your mind ever since your should came into existence, and your mind operates form the accumulation of all the information that is stored there, whether the information is correct or is incorrect. If the information is incorrect, your mind can review it and understand it now from a more knowledgeable, more mature point of view, and can restore your body to perfect health... This means that your own mind can cause your body processes to function properly and produce healing energies that heal your body perfectly... And you can help your mind to produce proper healing energies by thinking pleasant, uplifting thoughts about yourself, and by imagining yourself as being healthy and strong... That causes your mind to activate the processes of your body to renew and rejuvenate every cell, every atom, and every molecule so they all function perfectly...

The fact that your mind controls your body is not something new... Thomas Edison did research on that subject many years ago, and he discovered that "Every cell of the body thinks." He learned that every cell of the body has a mind and receives directions from the subconscious mind...

And the Bible says the same thing: It says, "As we think in our heart, so are we," In other works, thoughts and ideas, impressions and imprints made in our mind cause our body to respond, and they can cause us to be sick or healthy, depending on the way our mind has received the information... That's the reason our mind can generate the reading chemistry needed in your body, to restore, heal, rebuild, and strengthen your body... Your subconscious mind has the power to direct the cells to send healing energy through your body and restore your body to health...

The strongest force of energy your body possesses is your own mind... and when you have been experiencing illness or disease or any kind of physical handicap, it can be changed, and your body can be transformed into a healthy body by renewing your mind with thoughts and ideas of health, confidence, happiness and love... That's one of the meanings of the words in the Bible that says, "You can be transformed by the renewing of your mind." And that's what you are doing now... These sessions that we are having are permitting your mind to be renewed with healthy thoughts and ideas that restore your body to health...