Healing Stories and Scripts

Chaplain Paul G. Durbin">

Healing Stories and Scripts

Chaplain Paul G. Durbin, Ph.D.


(Durbin writing a script)


1. EAGLES AND CHICKENS WITH TWO ENDINGS: (which you choose is your choice) 


A man found an eagle's egg and put it in a nest of a barnyard hen. The eaglet hatched with the brood of chicks and grew up with them. All his life the eagle did what the barnyard chickens did, thinking he was a barnyard chicken. He scratched the earth for worms and insects. He clucked, cackled, and would thrash his wings and fly a few feet into the air. Years passed and the eagle grew to adulthood. One day he saw a magnificent bird high above him in a cloudless sky. It glided in graceful majesty among the powerful wind currents with scarcely a beat of its strong golden wings.

(First ending) The eagle looked up in awe. "Who's that?" he asked. "That's the eagle, the king of birds," said his friend. "He belongs to the sky. We belong to the earth--we're chickens." So the eagle lived and died a chicken, for that's what he thought he was.

(Second ending) The eagle looked up in awe and said, "Who's that?" His friend answered, "That's the eagle, the king of birds. He belongs to the sky. We belong to earth--we are chickens." The eagle went through the day thinking of the eagle flying high. The next day the eagle went down to the pond. When he saw his reflection in the water, he noticed that he looked a lot like an eagle. He began to test his wings, flying further and further each day. After a few weeks, he was flying high and gliding just as if he were an eagle. He realized that he was an eagle. He realized that he was an eagle and not a chicken. With that thought he flew above his past and his environment.

2. THE GREAT AS IF: (I use with stop smoking script especially if the client test for high response to indirect suggestion) This is the story of a young prince who was destined to be the king of his country. Now, this young prince had some concerns about being king, for he was worried about his ability to be a leader. One day, he got out of bed waddling and quacking like a duck and refused to eat anything but duck food. The king was greatly upset so he called in the wisest man in the kingdom. When told of the situation, the wise man said, "Give me three days with the prince and he will be cured." 

(The King,       The Prince,          The Duck,        The Wiseman)

Myth, Magic, and Mystery : One Hundred Years of American Children's Book by Michael Patrick HearnThe wise man went to the door of the prince's room, knocked, and was invited in. He waddled into the room and quacking like a duck. The prince and the wise man soon became good friends. That night the wise man slipped out of the prince's room and told the king to have clothes placed on the chairs for the next morning. When morning came, the wise man got out of bed, waddled across the room quacking like a duck, and put on his clothes. The prince said to him, "You can't be a duck...ducks can't wear clothes." The wise man replied, "Where is it written that a duck can't wear clothes?" The prince said, "Well, I guess you are right." And he, too, put on his clothes. That night, the wise man again slipped out of the prince's room and told the king to put duck food on a plate and put the plate on the table. The next morning, the wise man got out of bed, waddled across the room quacking like a duck, put on his clothes, sat down at the table and began to eat from the plate. The prince said, "You can't be a duck...ducks don't eat from a plate." The wise man replied, "Where is it written that a duck can't eat from a plate?" The young prince said, "I guess you are right." And he began to eat from the plate.

That night, the wise man told the king to put human food on the plate, and place a fork by the plate. The next morning, the wise man got out of bed waddled across the room quacking like a duck, put on his clothes, sat down at the table, picked up the fork and began to eat. The young prince said, "You can't be a duck...ducks don't use forks." The wise man responded, "Where is it written that a duck can't use a fork?" The prince said, "I guess you are right ." And he, too, picked up a fork and began to eat.

Later that day, the wise man said to the prince, "I must return to my own barnyard today, but I would like to leave you with this advice: Remember that our national holiday is coming up next week and as you know our nation's favorite food for the holiday is duck. If you don't want to end up as someone's main course for the holiday meal continue to act as if you were a prince." The prince did such a good job of acting as if he were a prince that he eventually became the greatest king his country ever had. (Act as if you are a non-smoker and you are because a non-smoker does not smoke.)

3.  THE HEALING TOUCH OF JESUS: TED.jpg (133890 bytes) (For healing and pain relief) I have the patient close his/her eyes, take three deep breaths while thinking "breathe in relaxation, exhale tension." Following the deep breathing, the patient is told to count silently from 1 to 5 and say "deeper and deeper." I then have the patient visualize a place where he likes to go to relax. Allowing the patient to choose where he wants to be, I say "Take in as much of the area as you can, landscape or walls... things you would normally see, hear, smell." As part of their visual imagery, I have the patient lie down on a comfortable blanket or bed. Progressively, the patient is led to relax beginning with the top of the scalp and having the tension flow down the body and out of the soles of the feet like water flows down a stream.

When the relaxation is completed, I suggest that the patient feel as if they are comfortably floating on a cloud in the air and that they are comfortably floating down. "9, 8, 7, - deeper and deeper -6, 5, 4, - deeper and deeper - 3, 2, 1, 0, - deeper and deeper." I now begin to use religious imagery to help the patient reduce his discomfort.

I suggest that the patient visualize Jesus standing beside the bed. Jesus places His hand on the painful area. I begin, "You feel the hand of Jesus on the area of discomfort. You feel that His touch is very warm and the warmth is drawing out the discomfort. Slowly but surely, the discomfort is being reduced, slowly the discomfort is being pulled from your body by the healing warmth of Jesus' hand. His touch is reducing the discomfort and bringing healing to the area."

I repeat this thought in various ways and then suggest that the physical presence of Jesus is becoming a spirit and is slowly fading from view, but they will continue to feel Jesus, His presence with them. I conclude by saying, "I will count to three and you will come out of hypnosis. You will come out of this experience very relaxed and comfortable. One. You can drift off to sleep, but you awaken when appropriate or when someone wakes you up. Two. You can follow this procedure whenever you need to do so. You will come out of this feeling stronger, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Three."

4.  CRUTCHES: (I use this script as releasing technique for releasing the conscious and subconscious reason for smoking, being over weight, or many other problems a person may have.) There was a man (or woman, depending on the sex of the client) who lived in a strange country. Now, this was a strange country because most of the adults walked with crutches even though they had no physical handicap requiring crutches. It just seemed the thing to do and most teenagers started using crutches because it seemed to be the mature thing to do and most of their peers used crutches.

Now there were disadvantages to using crutches. They slowed the person down and caused them to interfere with the safety of others as they might bump into another or accidentally trip another person.

One day as this man was walking several blocks from his home, he found the little boy who lived next door to him. The little boy, who was about three years old, was by himself and he was crying. He apparently had wandered away from home and was lost. Without thinking, man dropped his crutches, took the little boy and walked him home. The mother was overjoyed that her son was home and the little boy was happy. Later that night, the man all of sudden remembered that he had left his crutches on the street where he had found the little boy. His first thought was to run down the street to see if he could find his crutches. If not, he could go to a convenience store and by a new pack. The man said to himself, "I have gone without my crutches this long, I can go without them the rest of my life." He did, and so can you.

5.  THE POWER OF IMAGERY: Isaiah, the Old Testament prophet, had imagery in mind when he said, "Sing, O heavens: and be joyful, O earth: and break forth into singing, O mountains: for the Lord has comforted his people and will have mercy on the affected." (Isaiah 49:13 KJV) Isaiah suggested to his people to change their vision and their imagery. These words of Isaiah were spoken more than forty years after the Jewish people had been exiled from a destroyed Jerusalem. Each year since their deportation, their hope of ever returning to Jerusalem became dimmer and dimmer. Eventually, hope began to disappear and self pity took its place. In spite of their situation, Isaiah gave them an amazing message of comfort and hope. 

View over Wailing Wall at Dome of the Rock photo - click for large image

In the midst of their hopelessness, Isaiah invited them to celebrate, to have a vision of their return to Jerusalem. He said to them to see the walls of Jerusalem before their eyes and suggested that God is saying to them "thy walls are continually before me." (Isaiah 49:16) Keep this before your mind's eye and the walls will be rebuilt. The exile will end and they will return to Jerusalem. See it as already happening and it shall indeed happen. History tells us that the Hebrews did return from exile to Jerusalem and the walls were rebuilt.

Isaiah's message for us today is simple, Whatever you want to see happen in your life: be it health, overcoming an undesirable habit, achieving a goal; visualize yourself having accomplished the desired end and then wait and work for its fulfillment. As you use your imagination, be positive, be motivated, use the present tense as if what you are visualizing has already happened.

Repeat the visualization often and expect it to happen and your subconscious mind will begin to work to bring the imagery into reality. I should point out that imagery and daydreaming are different from one another. Imagery motivates one to accomplish that which is visualized. The day dreamer is satisfied with the dream and is not motivated to accomplish the goal. Imagery is not wishful thinking, but believe it to reality

6.  BREAKING THROUGH SHELLS:    A few years ago, the cover of the April issue of the religious publication, Daily Word showed a fluffy golden chick that had just stepped out of a broken shell. As this was the Easter edition, several people wrote Daily Word saying that they did not think the cover was religious enough for the occasion. Yet, I wonder if there is anything more religious than a broken shell and a new life rising out of it.

Is there a shell you need to break through today? (You may mention the shell by name.) Sometimes these shells are caused by physical limitation, sometimes emotional limitations, sometimes spiritual limitations and sometimes a combination of any or all three.

The fertilized egg begins to develop a baby chick. By an inner action, growth and development, the chick begins to grow. It begins to pick at its shell until it breaks and the chick is freed. We have within our mind the ability to grow and develop beyond what we had thought possible. By your mental unfolding, you can leave your hurts, disappointments and failures behind and break through your shell.

Think again of the chick breaking out of its shell: a soft, helpless chick begins to pick at the fixed and rigid limits of its world and keeps picking until the limits give way and it is able to stand erect and free. If a little chick can break through such a shell, you can break through your shell.


(I use this story to help a person see the great worth of imagery.) One of the most popular movie series to come out in recent years has been the "Star Wars" movies. I would like to focus on the second one, "The Empire Strikes Back." Perhaps you saw that movie. If you did, just nod your head "yes." (If "no," I say, "well, let me tell you about it." If "yes," I continue). You may remember in that movie, we continue our involvement in the heroes and villains of the first movie. Once again, we find ourselves engaged with our heroes as they do battle with Darth Vader and Legions of Dark Empire.

One of the most fascinating new characters of "The Empire Strikes Back" is a strange little fellow named Yoda. The short, odd-looking little individual is the master teacher of the Knight Jedi. The Jedi Knights are commissioned as universal agents of goodness and righteousness.

Luke Skywalker is sent to Yoda for training to become a Jedi Knight, but the training does not always run smoothly. When Yoda tries to teach Luke to raise his space ship from a swamp through the force of thought and imagery, Luke fails. After Luke's failure to move the ship, Yoda then levitates the space ship up and out of the swamp by thought alone. Luke watches in amazement, saying, "I don't believe it!" Yoda responds, "That is why you failed."

The "Star Wars" movies are fictitious, but the story of Luke Skywalker and Yoda can be looked upon as a parable. Imagery is a powerful source of healing, overcoming unwanted habits, increasing self-worth, and making positive changes in your life. Imagery consists of vividly picturing in your conscious mind a desired goal of objectives, and holding that image until it sinks into your subconscious mind, where it releases great untapped energies. Imagery is based upon the principle there is a deep tendency in human nature to ultimately become precisely that which one images himself to be. The wise old man of proverbs states that whosoever a person thinks in his heart, so is he. Jesus said, "Whatsoever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours."

8.  Green Dragon:               

(Adapted from Wallas' (Stories For The Third Ear: Used with permission) (I use this with most clients with a phobia regardless of age)

Once upon a time there was a little boy (or girl, depending on the client) who was very, very rich. He was so rich that he had a large room just for his toys and treasurers. He went to his toy room just about every day. Now you would think that he would be very, very happy little boy because he had so many toys, but such was not the case.

Actually, the little boy was very, very sad because although he had many toys, there was one thing that spoiled everything for him. Sitting over in the corner of the room, barely visible behind all the heaped-up toys, sat a large, green dragon. This dragon never seemed to take its eyes off the little boy.

No matter what the little boy was doing, whenever he looked up, there was the green dragon watching him. This would spoil his fun, for he was very much afraid of the dragon. He would think to himself that the green dragon may someday attack him, throw him down on the floor and harm him. As a result of worrying about the green dragon, he felt so very, very unhappy.

Some days he would dance and play very hard; he would whirl around, laugh very loud, and talk a blue streak in hopes that he could forget about the dragon in the corner. No matter how loudly he laughed, how hard he played or how fast he danced and whirled and jumped, when he stopped, he would look in the corner and there would be the green dragon still staring and looking very, very dangerous. The little boy would sit down feeling fear and defeat. His fun was spoiled again by the presence of the green dragon. Each day, the little boy would begin the day playing with his toys, happily trying to forget about the green dragon, and each day he would end the day sitting quiet and sad with tears running down his face.

One day, a friend came to visit the boy. The friend was a boy about his age and size. The friend looked around the room with his eyes opening wider and wider and said, "Oh, what wonderful toys!" He ran around picking up this one and that one and playing and clapping his hands, but the little rich boy felt anxious and worried. He kept glancing at the green dragon.

Suddenly, to his horror, he saw his friend run over to the green dragon and started to sit astride the dragon's back. The little boy cried, "No, don't do that!" His friend responded,

"Why not? this is fun!" The little boy said, "He is such a fierce and ugly dragon. Surely, he will harm you. I am so afraid of him."

"Ho,ho,ho," said his friend, "Look at this." He turned the dragon so the little boy could see, and down the back of the dragon was a long, shiny zipper. The little boy did not know what to make of it. He watched with eyes wide open, still trembling with fear. The friend said, "Shall I unzip it?" The little boy replied, "I'm not sure. I am afraid." His friend said, "Nonsense!" and unzipped the dragon. When he did, the green dragon suite fell down. What do you think was there? The little rich boy himself or rather that part of him that was so afraid of what he did not understand. The little boy realized that the green dragon was just an extension of himself. He had been afraid of his own fears.

The little boy began to laugh and his friend joined him in his laughter. The little boy could laugh because he realized that now he was freed from his fear of the green dragon. Now he was happy. He played with his toys and shared them with his friend. Soon he had other friends visit him and they enjoyed the toys. He realized that he no longer needed to be afraid of the dragon because he had come to understand his fears and release them.

Now I wonder if you might feel a smile coming over your face today as you release your fears. You have slain your dragon and have released your fears and if it is so, you began to smile. You may try to hold the smile back but the harder you try, the bigger the smile becomes. Ned began to smile. I gave him some self-confidence suggestions and said that he would experience a cycle of progress as day-by-day he had more and more confidence in himself. I then counted him out of the hypnotic state and he felt very good about himself.

He asked, "If I need to, can I come back to see you?" and I responded, "Yes, of course."


(The Magic Spot is especially good for children but works with adults also.): Say to the child, Would you like to have a MAGIC SPOT on your arm so that you can take an injection without feeling anything but pressure? You are going to be proud and thankful because the MAGIC SPOT is amazing.

I want you to open your eyes wide, please. I'm going to pull your eyes shut. All you have to do is to pretend that you can't open your eyes and keep on pretending you can't open your eyes - so much so that when you try to open your eyes they just won't open... All you have to do is to pretend that you can't open your eyes and keep on pretending you can't open your eyes - so much so that when you try to open your eyes they just won't open ... Now let me see you try to open them while you're pretending ... That's right ...

Now stay like that and keep on pretending you can't open your eyes, and the most amazing thing is going to happen. You're going to have a Magic Spot put on your arm. Once this Magic Spot is put on you, never again will you have to feel an injection. You'll know that the doctor is working there, but nothing will disturb, nothing will bother you. You'll never have any discomfort from an injection, either before, during or afterwards ... Now, watch, I take this area and I paint a Magic Spot with alcohol, like that. Now, whenever an injection is given in that area you'll be able to point it out to the doctor--nothing will be felt at all except that you'll know that the doctor or nurse is working there You'll feel the cold application of the antiseptic .... Now, isn't that beautiful? ... You are able to know where the MAGIC SPOT is whenever you need an injection and you can show the nurse exactly were to put the injection. Once you have show the person where the MAGIC SPOT is you can just think about something else and feel the cold application of the antiseptic covering your MAGIC SPOT so that you feel only pressure.


As you relax peacefully and calmly, imagine yourself walking down a beautiful country road. To the left of the country road is a field of beautiful flowers of various colors, sizes, and shapes. Beyond the flowers is a forest of majestic trees. To the right of the road is a pasture of green grass, at the foot of the pasture is a lake of blue clear water, by the lake of blue clear water are some trees, and there is a stream that flows from the hill in front of you. Down by the trees, into the lake of blue clear water.

There is only one thing wrong with this beautiful scene. On your back is a heavy backpack. There is nothing in that backpack which you need for your journey. In fact the backpack contains all of the conscious and subconscious reasons (why you overeat, why you eat fattening foods, why you have trouble controlling your weight.) (Why you smoke) (and can be used for other problems as well.)

I can't remove that backpack from your back, but you can. You can be free of the heavy backpack. It is a decision for you to make. Attached to each of your fingers is a trigger mechanism which will release the backpack if one of your fingers rise. If you want to be released from the conscious and subconscious reason why you are overweight, one of your fingers will feel very, very light, so light that it will float upwards. When the finger rises, the backpack will automatically fall from your back. Now just allow one of your fingers to rise. It may be the first finger on your right hand or the first finger on your left hand, it could be the second or third, or your little finger, or it could even be the thumb. By lifting a finger, you are symbolically letting go. That is good. Your first finger of your right hand is floating up. The backpack is gone. You feel free and comfortable. As the heavy weight of the backpack is gone, you feel a great relief.



These suggestions and instructions I'm telling you now are going into the storehouse of your mind and are progressively having a greater influence over you. Each day these suggestions keep becoming more effective, and they help you in many different ways: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The things that I say are influencing your thoughts, your feelings and your actions in a positive, helpful way.

You are pleased with the improvement in your life. The improvement is progressive. As each day passes you continue improving more, and you can be sure it is permanent and lasting.

You can be more calm and relaxed during your daily life and that causes your mind to be more clear, more alert, and causes you to feel more refreshed. Your nerves continue to be more relaxed and steady. You are more composed, more tranquil and more at peace within.

You automatically apply these principles of relaxation in all the activities of your daily life, and you can be peaceful and calm in every situation and circumstance in which you find yourself, whether you are alone or with others.

This enables you to be more efficient and effective in your work and other activities, and it keeps increasing your self-confidence, your self-reliance, your self-acceptance and your self-esteem.

You continue developing a more relaxed attitude, greater concentration, and you keep achieving more outstanding accomplishments in your life.

It's a cycle of progress that keeps growing stronger each day and causes you to continue advancing and enables you to become the successful person you are capable of being.

Being more calm and relaxed enables you to think more clearly. You are able to focus your attention more readily, and it keeps becoming easier for you to concentrate, and it causes your memory to keep improving more each day.

You sleep much better when you desire to sleep. When you are ready to go to sleep, all of your muscles and nerves relax, and you easily go into a deep, peaceful state of sleep. While you are sleeping you are relaxed, calm and comfortable. When you awaken you feel rested and refreshed. Your mind is alert, and you are able to see and understand things in their true perspective, without magnifying them, or without letting them get out of proportion. You are healthier, stronger and have more energy from relaxing so peacefully as you sleep.

Every day you are becoming emotionally calmer. You are more stable, more settled, and more able to do everything in a relaxed way. The improvement is progressive and becomes increasingly greater each day..

You are rapidly becoming the person you have always wanted to be: self-confident, self-sufficient, healthy, acceptable, capable and strong and enjoying life.

You enjoy life more each day. Your happiness keeps increasing, and you become more enthusiastic and more optimistic each day. You are proud of yourself as a non smoker. Your self-confidence, self-reliance, self-acceptance and self-esteem keep growing stronger, and you continue to be more successful in everything you do.


I would like for you to just close your eyes and take three deep breaths and silently count from one to five and say "deeper and deeper". The best way to begin feeling more comfortable is just to begin by getting as comfortable as you can right now. Go ahead and adjust yourself to the most comfortable position you like.

That's fine, now I'd like you to notice how much more comfortable you can feel by just taking one very big, satisfying, deep breath. Go ahead, a big, deep, satisfying breath; that's good. You may already notice how good that feels. How warm your neck and shoulders feel.

Now, as you continue breathing calmly, smoothly, deeply and rhythmically and comfortably, I would like for you to imagine or pretend that you are relaxing more and more with each descending number as I count backwards from 20 down to 1. In a moment, but not yet, I am going to begin to count out loud from 20 down to 1. As I count each number, I'd like for you to just notice how much more comfortable and relaxed you feel with each descending number. As I count from 20 down to 1, the further down I count, the more comfortable and relaxed you can allow yourself to feel.

Alright, you can begin to get ready - 20 - Now just let your body begin to relax - 19 - relaxing body and mind. - 18 - relaxing body, mind and spirit - 17 - and maybe you are already noticing how much more relaxed you can feel.

I wonder if there are places in your body that feel more relaxed than others. Perhaps your shoulders feel more relaxed than your neck. Perhaps your chest feels more relaxed than your arms. I don't know and it really doesn't matter. All that matters, is that you feel comfortable and relaxed, that's all.

- 16 - Perhaps feeling already places in your body relaxing more and more. I wonder if you are allowing your scalp muscles to relax, and if so, are you experiencing a slight tingling sensation throughout the scalp? Some people do, others do not, either is normal. I wonder whether the deep relaxing of your scalp muscles are already beginning to spread and flow. Flowing down across your eyes, down across your face. Allowing your cheek and jaw muscles to relax.

- 15 - A quarter of the way down and already feeling your neck and shoulder muscles relaxing more and more. Beginning to really, really enjoy your relaxation and comfort. - 14 - Now relaxing the chest, stomach and thighs, just letting go and feeling peaceful and comfortable - 13 - relaxing and perhaps noticing the sounds around you. Relaxing more and more with each sound of my voice, with each note of the music, and even allowing any distracting sounds to become a part of your experience of comfort and relaxation.

- 12 - As you allow the relaxation to spread, noticing the peaceful, restful and comfortable relaxation to spread down into your shoulders, into your arms. I wonder whether you notice one arm feeling heaver than the other. Perhaps your arms feel pleasantly light or comfortably heavy. I don't know, perhaps both feel equally comfortable.

- 11 - Just letting yourself become more and more aware of the comfortable relaxation. Breathing comfortably, slowly and deeply. Noticing that relaxation really beginning to sink in as you continue to experience the pleasant, restful, comfortable relaxation just spreading through your body, down through your legs and out the soles of your feet.

- 10 - Halfway to the bottom, wondering perhaps what might be happening, or wondering if anything at all is happening. Yet, knowing that it really doesn't matter, feeling so pleasantly restful, just continuing to notice the growing, spreading, comfortable relaxation.

- 9 - More and more comfortable as you become deeper and deeper relaxed. - 8 - I wonder if you at times hear my voice loud and clear and at other times does it seem to be a long distance away. - 7 - Maybe your mind is wandering from time to time and from place to place on other things as you relax more and more, - 6 - really enjoying this relaxation and comfort as you go deeper and deeper.

- 5 - Three quarters of the way down, deeper and deeper relaxed as your body seems to just sink down deeper and deeper into the chair, with nothing to bother, nothing to disturb. - 4 - Wondering perhaps what to expect at the count of one, but realizing it will be a pleasant experience.

- 3 - Already becoming more and more relaxed. really beginning to really enjoy your experience of comfortable relaxation with nothing to bother, nothing to disturb. - 2 - Almost to the bottom as you continue to go deeper and deeper as you breathe, slowly, comfortably and restfully. - 1 - Nothing to disturb you, feeling more and more comfortable, deeply, deeply relaxed. Deeper with each breath that you take, with each sound you hear. Deeply, deeply relaxed. (Therapy and suggestion.)

13. 1 UP TO 20 -- COMING OUT OF HYPNOSIS: (After therapy and suggestions, continue): And now, as you continue to enjoy your comfortable relaxation, I'd like for you to notice how very nice it feels to be this way...To really enjoy your experience, to really enjoy the feelings your body can give you.

Feel yourself slowly and comfortably becoming more alert as I count from 1 up to 20. More alert as I count, when I reach 20, you are alert and awake, refreshed; perhaps as though you have had a nice nap. Alert, refreshed, comfortable. No hurry, but begin to become more alert as I count.

- 1 -, - 2 -, - 3 - That's right, feel yourself becoming more alert. - 4 - - 5 - A quarter of the way back up, more and more alert. - 6 - No rush, plenty of time, feel yourself become more and more alert. - 7 -, - 8 -, - 9 -, - 10 - Halfway back up. - 11 - More and more alert. - 12 - Comfortable but more and more alert. - 13 - More and more alert. - 14 -, - 15 -, - 16 -, - 17 -, - 18 - That's fine, more and more alert. - 19 - Feeling the eyes begin to open as you become more and more alert. Confident in yourself as a non-smoker. - 20 - That's right, wide awake, alert, relaxed, refreshed, comfortable, ready for the activities of the day.


This can be used for "Stop Smoking", "Weight Control" and other subjects.) You are now very deeply relaxed and your mind has become very receptive to the suggestions that I am giving you. I am going to ask you to think about certain words or phrases and their meaning for you. I want you to think of these words, to turn them over in your mind, to examine them, to let them sink deeply into your subconscious. Plant them into the soil of your subconscious mind. I can remember growing up in rural part of North Louisiana where agriculture was the economic foundation for the area. I learned that if a farmer planted corn seed, that is what would grow. Now the farmer would have to keep the field clean of weeds and grass so that the corn received the full benefit of the soul. You have to keep the week and grass of negative thinking, doubt and fear for the soil of your mind so that these seed can grow and work for you.

The first word I want you to think about are the words "good health". What can the words, "good health" mean? They can mean a sense of superb physical well-being with healthy heart and lungs; perfect functioning of all organs, nerves, glands and systems of the entire body; firm, strong muscles, bones and joints; smooth, healthy skin; increased resistance to all forms of infection or disease.

Good health can mean the body feels full of power and strength, with greater balance and stamina, more slender with firm muscle tone in greater awareness of the body, greater control of all parts of the body and sense of harmony in the functioning of the body. Good health may mean less fatigue and illness, and proper body weight.

Good health means that you have overcome the smoking habit and freeing your body of the negative effects of smoking.

Good health means not only physical health, but also a healthy attitude of mind by which your nerves are calm and relaxed. The mind is calm, clear and composed. More tranquil more relaxed, more confident, more secure, and more sure of yourself. You feel better about yourself, happier and more satisfied with your life.

Good health may mean that you have the ability to sleep deeply and refreshingly when you want to sleep, and then you awake feeling calm, relaxed, confident, cheerful, ready for the activity of the day with energy and enthusiasm. The words "good health" can mean all these things and more. These words have tremendous power. I want you to let them sink deeply into your subconscious mind and let them work for your good health.

The next word I would like you to think about is "success". Success may mean a sense of recognition, a fulfillment of your desires, a sense of accomplishment, an outstanding performance. It may mean a sense of worthiness and attainment of goals.

Success may mean wealthy in terms of money and the things money can buy, or security for yourself and your family. It can also mean

an attitude of mind which gives inner happiness and satisfaction regardless of material possessions or circumstances. I want you to use the word "success" to produce in you all the feelings that go with success.

Finally, I want you to think of the word "motivation". It can mean a gradual but progressive change in one's life; to release old recordings of negative habit patterns; to cease to fear being a puppet to one's early conditioning and to become a creator of a new, healthy, happy successful script for your life. It could mean the gradual but progressive building of a stronger and stronger feeling of self-confidence and the ability to meet the challenges of life.

Motivation can mean desire, determination, and a driving force to achieve a desired end. It can mean the desire to take responsibility for your own performance onto yourself, to take charge of your life and success rather than letting life's forces mold and shape your performance.

We have all been conditioned since birth to associate words with feelings. Words are therefore tools which you are going to use to produce the feeling and results which you want. These words are "good health", "success" and "motivation".

These words are used to improve health, and enable you to be more efficient and effective. This enables you to keep increasing your self-confidence, your self-esteem, you self-reliance, your self-acceptance. Each day you keep improving physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. You have a greater sense of your happiness that keeps increasing and you become more enthusiastic and more optimistic each day










(Adapted from a great friend Art Winkler)  Have the client start with eyes closed and give a few suggestions for relaxation. In a moment I'm going to ask you to open your eyes and put your (right or left) hand up in front of your face with the palm of your hand toward you, and you will be able to look at your fingers and the palm of your hand. As I talk to you, you will continue experiencing a more soothing and peaceful relaxation coming over your whole body.

Open your eyes now and lift your hand up a little above eye level and press your fingers tightly together. You will become award of all the feelings and sensations in your fingers and hand, and you will keep experiencing a more peaceful, soothing sensation coming over your whole body. It keeps becoming easier for you to respond to the suggestions I tell you.

You can listen to the soothing sounds coming from the tape recorder and not even notice that other sounds and noises keep fading away, and your unconscious mind is listening only to the words I'm saying to you.

You will notice the feelings and sensations in your fingers and your hand, and your fingers will feel like they want to start spreading apart. Don't try to make them spread apart deliberately, and don't try to keep them from spreading apart. They will spread apart all by themselves, easily and gently. And as your fingers are spreading apart, you will notice that your eyes start feeling heavy, and your eyes keep feeling heavier and heavier. And your eyes feel like they want to close as you drift into a calm, peaceful, hypnotic state of relaxation.

You'll be experiencing a soothing drowsiness coming over your entire body, and your eyes are closing gently... Your eyes will soon close... It keeps becoming less and less important for your eyes to be open, and by the time your eyes close, you will be in a deep, calm, very peaceful hypnotic state...

Notice that your fingers want to spread apart, and you are letting the natural feelings happen... As your fingers are spreading apart you can notice that your eyes keep feeling heavier...

Being hypnotized is always a very pleasant...calm, soothing, very enjoyable...restful experience... (Pause).

(Note: After fingers have started spreading and eyes have started closing, continue as follows:)

In a moment, your (right-left) hand and arm will move toward your face, and you will keep drifting into an even deeper hypnotic state... Your hand and arm move toward your face, but you subconscious mind will not permit your hand to touch your face until your mind has worked out a solution to that problem...

You have been experiencing that problem for some time now, and consciously you haven't been able to resolve it... I don't know what

has been causing that problem, but the subconscious part of your mind of your mind does have the information... so your subconscious mind can review, examine, and explore the information in your mind and find out what has been causing that problem...

Your subconscious mind can review all the imprints, all the impressions, all the thoughts and ideas in your mind that have been causing that problem...and your mind can assess, evaluate, and understand that information now from a more knowledgeable, more relaxed, more calm, more mature point of view... and can work out a solution and resolve that problem rapidly and completely...

Your subconscious mind is reviewing that information thoroughly and understanding that it is okay to resolve that problem for now and forever... and when your mind has resolved that problem, then your mind will cause your hand to touch your face...

You are continuing to move into a deeper, more peaceful, more detached state... It feels good to keep relaxing more... Your mind is cooperating...and is reviewing that information, and is working out a very pleasant solution to that problem...and you are easily and gently moving into a more comfortable state of relaxation...

Your subconscious mind is hearing every word I say and is working out a pleasant solution without any conscious effort by you...

Your fingers have spread apart, and your subconscious mind is causing your hand to move toward your face, but your hand will not touch your face until your unconscious mind understands the causes and effects of what has been causing that problem and knows that it is okay for that problem to be resolved completely...

When your mind knows it is okay for that problem to be resolved (Your body to be healed) (Your body to reduce down to _______ pounds,) then your hand will touch your face as a signal that the problem has been resolved... and you will really be pleased...

You are in a very deep, very calm, comfortable state now... By permitting your mind and body to relax through your own ability to concentrate on the words I say, you will notice later, after you awaken form the hypnotic state, that you will feel much better mentally and physically...

You're doing good... It feels good to continue relaxing... and later, when you awaken from the hypnotic state your whole body will feel good from the top of your head all the way down to the bottom of your feet... Your hands, arms, and shoulders will be relaxed and comfortable... and you will be confident and happy...

Your subconscious mind is very sensitive to everything I say, and is hearing and receiving the suggestion I'm telling you... causing each suggestion to begin working immediately and continue working automatically as you go about your daily activities, and you experience many wonderful benefits from being in this comfortable, relaxed state of hypnosis...

You are continuing to learn more and more that your own subconscious mind is working out the solution to that problem... Your subconscious mind knows what to do... and is doing it in just the right way to resolve the problem completely...

Some of those experiences your mind is reviewing may not seem to make sense... yet quite often those are the ones that have the most meaningful effect in solving the problem (Healing your body) (Reducing your body down to _____ pounds)...

Past experiences that have been misunderstood unconsciously can now be understood from a different point of view and your mind is able to work out the solution to that problem in ways you do not consciously understand... So your subconscious mind is causing your hand and arm to continue moving toward your face to indicate that it is reviewing, examining and exploring the information that has been causing that problem and is working out the solution...

You already have all the ingredients, all the capabilities, all the skills that you need, and all the knowledge that you need to be completely (cured - healed_ (slim and trim and slender)...

(Continue on if hand has not touched face.)

Right now it may seem like you are experiencing some kind of a dilemma... You may not be consciously aware of what needs to be done to work out the solution of that problem, but that's one of the amazingly wonderful things about your unconscious mind... because, even though you do not consciously know what to do, your unconscious mind has all the knowledge it needs to work out the solution in a very pleasant way... and you unconscious mind is bringing that important information forward now, and is resolving that problem for now and forever...

Consciously you have decided that you want (Your body to be healed) (Your body to be slender and trim)... and you had the right to make that decision...

In the past there was something keeping that problem from being resolved (Keeping your body from being healthy) (Keeping your body from being slender and trim)... What ever it was that had been causing that problem will soon be changed... Your unconscious mind is understanding it form a more knowledgeable, more mature point of view, and knows that it is okay for that problem to be resolved completely and permanently...

That decision has got to come form you... and form your own mind... There is no need for it to come form me... because it is only when your mind makes that decision that the problem will be resolved...

You know that your mind is the only part of you that can cause the changes that are needed to resolve that problem... and your mind can cause those changes as you go about the activities of your daily life...

Your subconscious mind keeps your heart pumping the blood through your circulatory system, keeps you breathing, enable you digestive system to continue functioning properly, enables you to talk when you decide to talk, walk when you decide to walk, and has been doing thousands of other things that you conscious mind has not been consciously aware of... The importance of all this is realizing that you can trust your own unconscious mind to take care of you... and you can be sure your own mind is causing you to experience pleasant changes that are needed to resolve that problem...

You can trust your own mind to do what is needed to overcome that problem and all other problems when given proper guidance... and that's what you are doing now... Your mind is receiving the proper guidance needed to work out the solution... and you will be noticing the pleasant changes taking place...

(If hand has not touched the client's face by the time it is time for the session to be over, use the suggestions on page 55-56

"Therapy Between Sessions.")

You are responding properly... Your unconscious mind is doing what is needed to resolve that problem... and it doesn't need to be done in a way you would consciously expect it to be done... You can be pleasantly surprised to find that your unconscious mind will cause it to happen in an easy, natural way...

It will give you a lot of satisfaction to know that your own mind is working out the solution to that problem and your goals can be accomplished satisfactorily...


 (Adapted from a great friend Art Winkler): One of the amazing facts I have learned over the years hypnotizing many, people is that your subconscious mind can continue review, examining, and exploring the storehouse of your mind and work out solutions to problems even after you come out of the hypnotic state... As you proceed with your daily activities, your mind can be assessing information that is contained in the storehouse of your mind. And can understand that information from a completely different point of view than you had when the information went into your mind, and can work out the solution now from a more knowledgeable, more mature point of view.

So even after you come out from this hypnotic state, your subconscious mind can continue reviewing all imprints, impressions, thoughts, ideas and other information that has gone into your mind and had anything to do with causing that problem...And by the time you come back to be hypnotized again, your mind can have a pleasant solution all worked out in a way that easily enables you to overcome that problem... You mind is receiving these suggestions, the guidance and instructions I'm giving to you and is enabling you to continue improving rapidly...

In the past you may have had some doubts...but now those doubts are leaving, and all those doubts are soon gone completely...Those doubts are being replaced with a strong sense of confidence and sureness...You can be surprised at the way your confidence keeps improving more and more each day... As you are continuing to relax now, your subconscious mind can work out a way of revealing that you are in a deep hypnotic trance, and you will not need to consciously recognize it...Your subconscious mind can cause a response that is obvious to me, but not to you... One of your fingers may lift up, or your hand and arm may lift up...It can whatever your subconscious mind want to do to reveal that you are in a deep hypnotic trance without you being consciously aware of it...(Pause for a minute.) (note: After about a minute, even if there has been no noticeable response, continue as follows:)

You are really responding good to everything I tell you... You know and I know that we are having these sessions because you are determined to overcome that problem...It has controlled your way of life long enough, and you are determined that you relax that control and take control...Your subconscious mind understands that now, and realizes that you are serious about overcoming that problem... You have decided that you want your subconscious mind to understand that you are ready to get that problem resolved for now and forever...And you want the solution to be worked out in a way that is pleasing and acceptable to your conscious mind... So you are letting it be worked out by your subconscious mind, and you don't need to be thinking about it consciously anymore... From now on your conscious mind thinks about things that are pleasant and enjoyable to you, because your subconscious mind knows exactly what needs to be done to work out the solution to that problem in a very calm, peaceful way...

When you come back for your next session, you find that you quickly go into a deep hypnotic trance within a minute or two after you sit down in the chair here in my office... In the meantime, you notice some very pleasant changes taking place in your life as your subconscious mind works out the solution to your problem. And now you are ready to come out from the hypnotic state...In just a moment I count to three and you gradually come out a little with each number I say...When I reach the count of five, you open your eyes and feel wonderfully relaxed and refreshed, as though you have just awakened from a deep, sound, peaceful sleep.

25. AN INDUCTION FOR THE ANALYTICAL AND INDIRECT SUGGESTIBLE CLIENT: (Adapted from a script by Gordon Boyd) As you relax more and more just listen to my voice and let yourself go into a trance when you want to. You may close your eyes and just relax. When you came into this room, you walked over to the chair of your choice, sat down and you sat in that chair. You remained in that chair until I requested that you move to the recliner. You are now reclining in that chair. Just let yourself be as comfortable and relaxed as you can. Have you ever wondered where it is to be in a trance? Are you in the chair or are you in a trance?
Sometimes you have gone into a room in one state of mind and changed your state of mind while you were in that room and gone out of that room in a different state of mind. Now all of this is very interesting is it not? What state of mind are you in now? What state of mind will you be in one minute from now? And just how does one change the state of mind that they are in?
And now are you this room? Or are you far away in your mind. And we know that you are in your mind and not out of your mind do we not? And if you are in this room and in that chair one moment and if the earth is rotating on it's axis, are you in the same place you were only a moment ago? You are still in that seat are you not? And yet you have traveled haven't you?
I wonder where you will travel to next. And as you travel, are you in Louisiana? Are you in the United States? Are you in your familiar solar system? Are you in the Milky Way? And the scientists tell us that our galaxy is moving through space at a great rate of speed. It is interesting how one can be in one place and another at the same time isn't it.
And how about that interesting experience being in one place and then in a different place but still in the same place only moments later. One can only wonder about that and you seem to be in a pleasant state of trance right now. Just keep enjoying being there - or anywhere you might want to be so you allow yourself to go deeper and deeper. (Might follow with a progressive relaxation and therapy)