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98% Success Rate. Money Back Guarantee

20+ years of experiences and a uniquely developed therapy program exclusive to Tony has led to an audio program that will ensure you beat your problem.

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How to Meditate Like a Master

Recieve your free ebook and in 20 minutes learn how to meditate like a master.

A powerful guide to minfulness & much more

Instant Download & 25 Minute Sessions

Our master audio sessions are delivered instantly to your email and account page. These recordings are professional recorded, edited and mastered and have been narrated by Tony himself.

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Small Investment, Big Results

For only $19 and 25 minutes of your time, you could drastically improve your life for the better. One of our programs could be the best value investment you'll ever make. With a 94% success rate among customers, we promise results, fast!

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You're in safe hands

Since 1998, Tony has worked with 100's of people and over 200,000 people have downloaded our self hypnosis audio sessions. We have a proven formula with asuccess rate of 98%. We offer a full 14 day money-back guarantee on all our products

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A better life for you in 25 minutes

  • Excellent Digital Audio

    Pure quality, each of our self hypnosis audio recordings are produced by Tony at the highest possible standard. They make for easy listening.

  • Download Directly to PC or Phone

    Save your self hypnosis audio download directly onto your phone or computer for instant listening.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We promise your satification. If you are one of the 2% these recordings do not work on, we will refund you your money instantly.