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Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

Hypnosis for Fear of Flying

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Get over your fear of flying with Self Hypnosis

The adventure, the memories, the career opportunities … you want it all. But every time you think about flying you are crippled by fear. The thought of even going to the airport fills you with anxiety.

You have tried everything – alcohol, medication, rationalisation, facing your fear. Maybe sometimes you get yourself on the plane only to feel sick with panic the entire time.

None of it has worked and your fear of flying seems to be getting even worse with time.

You say no to that business trip of a lifetime. You don’t get to take your family on the vacation they want. You can’t see the parts of the world you always dreamed of.

This does not have to be your life. Self Hypnosis will allow you to take back control and your brain to believe the truth that flying is the safest way you can travel.

Imagine life:

  • No more panic attacks on the flight.
  • No more worrying about your flight days and weeks before.
  • Take control and enjoy your holiday!


Tony Fallon’s self hypno sessions, designed and narrated by him are a proven way to change your habits and behaviours in one sitting mind, quickly you can begin to think, feel and act like a non-smoker. Using a blend of Hypnosis, NLP and psychology (unique to Tony) we break your fear from fly ing.

Break free from your fear of flying for good with self hypno clinic!

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Free eBook on 'How to meditate like a master" with each order.

This instructional book written by Tony Durbin covers a range of topics discussing how to learn and get the most of Hypnosis.

What our customers have to say

  • "I’ve quit! Smoking has plagued my life for the past 25 years,  After sitting down and listening to you session 3 times I quit!! It’s now been ten weeks since my last cigarette and I already feel better. I couldn’t have done it without your session. THANK YOU."   Hanna Stone – Dublin, Ireland

  • "Smoking has been a curse in my life since I was teenager, I tried everything to stop including therapy but my willpower when never strong enough. My husband bought be ‘Stop Smoking’ by Self Hypno Clinic back in February (some valentines gift  ) but it was honestly the best thing he’s ever bought me, I didn’t believe in Hypnotherapy before the effect this session had was incredible, my will power to quit was all of a sudden there. It’s now 25 weeks since my last smoke."  Elaine Cantwell- Sydney, Australia

  • "I use to suffer from insomnia, I tried everything and medication was the only thing that ever worked. I was never a believer in Hypnosis and thought it was fake. However one night at 3AM I decided what is there to lose? After one session I was asleep in 15 minutes. This stuff works."

    Sara Byrne – North Carolina, USA.

  • "I had problems with gambling and drinking for years, until I seen a recommendation from a friend on Facebook about Self Hypno Clinic so I thought I’d give it a go.  Literally after one session my anxiety about gambling had reduced massively and within a space of a week I had reduced my drinking by half. This was 1 year ago and it has changed my life." Steve Ramon  – California, USA.